Active shooter at Tulsa medical center, 5 dead including the shooter (Update: Bomb threat)

This just happened a short time ago as I write this and the details are still not clear. What we know is that this incident took place in a building at Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa around 5 pm local time. Police confirmed on Twitter that at four people are dead but this was corrected later to say that five people are dead including the shooter.


Here’s a police statement which says police responded to a call about a man with a rifle and it “turned into an active shooter situation.”

NBC News has a bit more:

It wasn’t clear how the gunman died and a motive hasn’t been identified.

Authorities said he went to the building’s second floor and opened fire. Police were carrying out a room-by-room search to search for other threats, the department said.

This video shows a woman, apparently a bystander caught in the traffic, reacting as police pull up and begin removing rifles from their trunks to head into the building.


Just yesterday a local news station did a segment about Tulsa police cadets going through active-shooter training at an empty high school.

There’s a media briefing coming up shortly. In advance of that I’m watching an NBC live feed from Tulsa. They interviewed a Tulsa City Councilor named Jayme Fowler. According to Fowler the shooter took his own life.

Deputy police chief Eric Dalgleish just gave a briefing. The first call about an active shooter came in at 4:52 pm. Officers arrived at the scene by 4:56 pm. Officers heard shots and made their way to the second floor where they “made contact” with the suspect at 5:01 pm.

Four people were killed plus the shooter, according to Dalgleish. The suspect is a black male 35-40 years old. Police have not yet identified him but Dalgleish said they were close to doing so. He had a rifle and a pistol and he appears to have fired both. As for whether this was a random attack or a targeted one, police don’t know that yet. They promised there would be another briefing in the morning.

Here’s coverage of the incident. Because this is live you’ll have to scroll through. The briefing starts at 7:15 and the time is visible in the upper left corner.


Update: Police are investigating a bomb threat in Muskogee southeast of Tulsa:

Muskogee police are investigating a bomb threat at a residence on Park Place North on Wednesday afternoon.

This appears to be the shooter’s house.

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