Johnny Depp is on the stand describing a truly awful and abusive relationship (Update)

Johnny Depp is on the stand describing a truly awful and abusive relationship (Update)

I haven’t really paid any attention to this story over the years that it has been playing out which means that catching some of the testimony today has been very eye-opening. I realized that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard had a troubled marriage and at some point she apparently cut off one of his fingers but what Depp is describing on the stand today is harrowing.

According to him, this relationship was a daily string of her berating him as a failure and a fool which would escalate to violence if he argued the point. Eventually he decided the only way out was to get away from her at which point she would become inconsolable and needy.

This defamation trial is really Depp’s chance to respond to allegations of abuse the Heard has made and so it really is diving deep into what really happened between them.

At one point, Depp compared it to being in a relationship with his mother, i.e. someone who is constantly looking for your weaknesses as a way to berate you.

In this clip he describes how those arguments would often escalate to violence, with Heard lashing out at him physically.

The most infamous incident involved her throwing a bottle at him which shattered and cut off the tip of his finger. Here he is describing how that happened.

And after that happened, Heard allegedly took a lit cigarette and put it out on his face. But Depp admitted he lied to the doctor about what happened because he didn’t want Heard to be blamed or brought into it.

He also reenacted another one of their fights when he said he was hit from behind and tried to wrap up her arms to avoid being struck.

At some point he was asked why he stayed with Heard if all of this was going on. He said he didn’t want to “fail” but added that part of it had to do with his own mother and threats of suicide she’d made.

Here’s the full testimony from today. Based on what I’ve seen of it, I think Depp has certainly gone a long way toward convincing people his behavior wasn’t the source of the problem in this relationship. Whether that results in a win in court remains to be seen.

Update: Here’s testimony from yesterday in which Depp described waking up one day and finding his mother had attempted to kill herself by taking pills. This is what he was referring to in that clip above about why he didn’t leave.

Also, if you’re wondering how Depp ended up in a relationship with someone like Heard, he testified yesterday that in the beginning she was “too good to be true.”

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