Snarky Biden refers to Fox News reporter as 'stupid son of a bitch' (Update)

Snarky Biden refers to Fox News reporter as 'stupid son of a bitch' (Update)

Attacks on the press are a threat to democracy! Wait, sorry, that was only true under the previous president. I’m guessing there won’t be much pearl clutching over this. The presidents aides were ushering the media out of the room today and Fox News’ Peter Doocy tried to get in one more question: “Do you think inflation is a political liability in the midterms?”

As Doocy left the room, Biden was caught snarking on a hot mic, “It’s a great asset. More inflation. What a stupid son of a bitch.”

It was just last week that partisan reporter Yamiche Alcindor was praising Biden for not lashing out at reporters like his predecessor.

This claim was false at the time she made it. Biden had in fact lashed out at a reporter during that press conference. Ironically, the reporter was asking about Biden’s commitment to civility. How did Alcindor miss this?

Last Thursday Biden lashed out at a different Fox News reporter asking about Russia’s looming invasion of Ukraine. Here’s the video of that hot mic moment.

So that’s three instances of lashing out at the press in less than a week. CNN’s media watchdog Brian Stelter retweeted the video but didn’t offer any opinion about it. Tom Nichols on the other hand had some expertise to add.

Actually, Stelter did indicate how he feels about the comment by retweeting this.

So there you have it. The president lashes out at a reporter with crude language and Stelter’s only concern is that Fox News will make it a story. Yeah, that sounds about right for Brian Stelter. He and Yamiche Alcindor both behave like their job is to defend the king at all costs.

In any case, Peter Doocy had the last laugh as he turned the president’s insult into a joke at his own expense (2nd clip below). As Doocy notes, Biden had refused to answer a previous question because it was off topic and scolded reporters for not sticking to the subject. But Doocy’s question was actually on topic and that didn’t seem to help.

If nothing else, you can expect to see this become a popular Biden reaction video for at least the next three years. Every time the President does something dumb, his smug face is going to appear on Twitter saying, “What a stupid son of a bitch.”

Update: Twitchy located the tweet that reveals the glaring hypocrisy from Stelter. He was worried about the exact same language a few years ago.

I wonder what changed? Glenn Greenwald got in a good jab (2nd tweet).

Also, our Townhall colleagues pulled out this clip from last January when President Biden warned he wouldn’t tolerate and disrespect and talking down to colleagues around him. In fact, it was grounds for immediate firing. I guess he only meant fellow Democrats in the press corps.

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