The View sides with Chicago Teacher's Union on move to remote learning

The View sides with Chicago Teacher's Union on move to remote learning

As Allahpundit wrote earlier today, Mayor Lori Lightfoot is coming down hard on the Chicago Teacher’s Union after the union voted to cancel classes on Wednesday. “Why are we here again when we know that the safest place for our children is in school?” she said. She added, “Enough is enough. We are standing firm and we are going to fight to get our kids back in in-person learning. Period, full stop!”

It’s fair to say that Mayor Lightfoot seems to have learned a lesson from the election results in Virginia. One would think, at this point, that most Democrats would have learned that lesson by now. But apparently not, at least not when it comes to the ladies of The View. Today, Joy Behar who was leading the show while Whoopi Goldberg is out with COVID, introduced the topic with a clip of Mayor Lightfoot and the entire panel then proceeded to side with the union.

“Our teachers are underpaid, they’re overworked, they have a right to be safe in their work environment,” [Sunny] Hostin said, claiming there was a lack of testing capabilities in Chicago to ensure the safety of teachers. “A thousand kids have died from COVID. My understanding is that at least 7.8 million children have caught COVID since the pandemic started. Thousands of children have been orphaned because of COVID.”…

Hostin’s claim on the lack of testing availability directly conflicted with Chicago public health commissioner Allison Arwady’s statement in a Wednesday interview on CNN that coronavirus testing was available in every Chicago public school this week…

“I’m 100% pro-teacher. I feel that if there’s anyone that knows best what is needed in a classroom, it’s a teacher. They’re understaffed, it’s unsafe, they’re under-tested, there’s no tests at home,” [Yvette Nicole] Brown said.

“This is a Petri dish they’re being told to walk into every day, and to say that you’re going to dock the pay of people that are already coming out of their own pocket to bring things into classrooms for the students makes me livid. I am literally holding my mule right now I want to scream so hard. So I think that the mayor’s wrong,” she added, referencing Lightfoot’s criticism of the teachers union and declaration that teachers who didn’t return to work on Friday wouldn’t be paid.

Ana Navarro also fell in line, claiming the mayor was politicizing the issue and that it should instead be handled by “the experts in education” and the “school superintendent” making the case. Navarro apparently didn’t spend any time watching the press conferences from which those clips of Mayor Lightfoot were taken. On Tuesday and again on Wednesday, the press conferences were opened by Chicago Public Schools CEO Pedro Martinez, i.e. the school superintendent literally took the lead.

The other speaker at these press conferences was Public Health Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady who said Tuesday, “In what world would we think to close something essential like in-person education when we have seen the negative effects of that [and] when our bars remain open. No public health leaders in the world, at this point, think that that makes sense.” She added, “Europe is in an Omicron surge right now. You know what, their schools are open.”

Whatever happened to following the science? Dr. Arwady and Mayor Lightfoot emphasized their the science was on their side but for the ladies on the View, that topic seems to have been dropped like a hot rock. They don’t want to argue about the science, probably because they know it’s not on their side. The irony here is that it’s the View that is politicizing this issue rather than talking about what the best evidence says is true.

I can only hope the rest of the Democratic party follows their lead. If you want to see the groundwork being laid for a red wave of angry parents in November, watch this clip.

Update: I watched through the clip again listening to see if anyone mentioned science even once. I don’t think they did. Contrast that with what was actually being said during the press conferences this week in Chicago. Here’s Dr. Allison Arwady:


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