Misinformation: Kyle Rittenhouse crossed state lines and shot 3 black people after the murder of Jacob Blake

I thought maybe we’d exhausted this subject yesterday but last night I camped out on Twitter for about an hour watching some of the discussions about the Rittenhouse verdict that had accumulated throughout the day and it was like watching a train-wreck happen in slow-motion. The number of people who were sharing outrageously false information about the case amazed me. I’m not talking about small details about the trial that some commenters obviously didn’t watch, I’m talking really basic facts, such as whether Jacob Blake is alive or dead. Here’s he statement that was originally put out by the DCCC:

Two very basic errors in the first sentence. Jacob Blake isn’t dead and, by his own admission, he wasn’t unarmed. The DCCC released a corrected statement but how do you make a mistake like that in the first place? The best you can say is that the DCCC wasn’t alone. The same mistake got made last night on ESPN:

Maybe he got his information from NBC Sports which published this false claim yesterday. It’s still up and not corrected as I write this. Yahoo News made the same claim:

This university announced a space to process the verdict. The announcement was full of errors including the death of Jacob Blake:

Miley Cyrus’ sister shared this statement about Blake’s death with millions of her followers:

In the wake of the verdict, this video game news site put up an open thread repeating the claim:

Here’s ABC News’ Terry Moran yesterday talking about the “police killing” of Jacob Blake:

This description on an MSNBC video is still up as I write this: “uncle of the late Jacob Blake…”

Here’s Maya Wiley on MSNBC last weekend talking about Jacob Blake being killed by police as the context within which the Rittenhouse shooting happened:

This story is apparently being repeated by news outlets in Britain as well:

I also see multiple people claiming that CNN’s Anderson Cooper referred to Jacob Blake’s death on air yesterday but I can’t find video of that yet. But suffice it to say that a lot of people in the media were telling people that Jacob Blake was killed by the police, which seems like a pretty basic fact to get wrong.

But it wasn’t the only basic fact they got wrong. As Matt Yglesias pointed out, lots of people were also claiming yesterday that the people shot by Kyle Rittenhouse were black:

That claim was reported by papers around the world. The Independent apparently corrected this very soon after but still:

Israeli media outlets were apparently also making the same mistake:

And a Dutch news outlet:

Anyway, this idea was definitely circulating on Twitter yesterday. Some people were even admitting they’d only just realized the people Rittenhouse shot weren’t black.

Finally, I think the most common refrain I heard from people upset with the verdict was that Kyle Rittenhouse crossed state lines. In many cases, they were probably arguing that he crossed state lines with a rifle but that wasn’t true. The rifle was always in Kenosha. He didn’t bring it across state lines. And so some people just kept repeating that he crossed state lines as if that mattered. Here’s a supercut of media talking heads repeating his (in two parts).

So many people were repeating this yesterday that it became a joke.

There’s lots more of this and all of it is reacting to approximately one zillion progressives who were talking about it yesterday as if it mattered.

So, to sum all of this up, there was a tremendous amount of misinformation about the basic facts of this case being spread by the media. That, predictably, led to lots of upset people on the left parroting “facts” about the case that weren’t remotely accurate. It would be great if someone at one of the major outlets (CNN, NY Times, etc.) would take notice of how badly the media was botching this and maybe even go a step beyond that and ask why it was happening. I won’t hold my breath for any MSM stories about Rittenhouse trial disinformation though. If they were capable of that kind of self-reflection, they wouldn’t have made these “mistakes” in the first place.

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