Arizona school board president (or maybe his father?) kept a Google drive full of info on outspoken parents

This story is pretty wild. An Arizona school board president named Jann-Michael Greenburg is under fire after he sent a parent in his district an email which led to the discovery of an online enemies list complete with photos and some public yet personal information. Jann-Michael Greenburg has denied having anything to do with the Google Drive in question it but there’s some evidence connecting it to his father.


More than 600 parents in Scottsdale, Arizona, are demanding the resignation of the school board president after a shocking revelation.

The president, or possibly his father, appears to have kept a dossier on 47 parents who dared to speak out against his policies at school board meetings — a dossier complete with Social Security numbers, background checks, a divorce paper, mortgage documents, trade certifications, and screenshots of Facebook posts.

“I’d call this retaliation,” Amy Carney, a mother of six and candidate for the Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) governing board, told Fox News on Thursday. She said “the list of parents targeted in the drive appears to be anyone who has spoken out about anything against our district publicly or online.”

Here’s how the drive allegedly turned up:

According to the group of Scottsdale moms, the Google Drive was first unearthed in August when Jann-Michael Greenburg reportedly sent a screenshot of an image from the drive to resident Kim Stafford in an email...

“I received a copy of the screenshot and sent it to a friend as I am not all that tech savvy, but I know what a Google Drive is,” said Amanda Wray, an administrator for the CAN group on Facebook. “He sent a live link back. And, I was shocked at what I saw… There are 47 different people in there. I saw pictures of my children, other people’s children. This is cyberstalking.”


The drive apparently belongs to Mark Greenburg, who is Jann-Michael Greenburg’s father. There was a video on the drive which allegedly showed Mark Greenburg videotaping parents:

…it appears to show Mark Greenburg on Aug. 24 taking photographs of parents and children all while keeping his face hidden under a helmet and motorcycle gear.

The incident occurred at Coronado High School, 7501 E. Virginia Ave., in the hours prior to a regular scheduled school board meeting. The parents were involved in a protest regarding the district’s policies at the time after a previous meeting had been cut short following parent disruptions.

“They don’t know it’s me … I covered up my license plate,” Mark Greenburg says in the video, in which he’s wearing a body camera on his motorcycle jacket.

Mark Greenburg also says, in the same video: “Somewhere around here we have a private investigator who’s writing down all of their plates,” before confirming on video that he hired the private investigator.

It’s worth nothing that in his denial, Jann-Michael Greenburg said, “I am not my father’s keeper and I think that has been made clear previously.” And at the end of the article he says he “wouldn’t be surprised if someone was tracking” the activities of school board opponents, which almost sounds like he tacitly (or maybe not-so-tacitly) approves of this even if he’s not personally keeping these records. Other items on the drive:


In one folder, titled “Schild Angry Footage,” is a presentation with allegations of community member Christine Schild.

There is more than one folder titled “SUSD Wackos.” A folder is also titled “Cieniawski and those jew donors.”

Another folder in the drive shows the face of a former PTO president, with a quote from them about minorities contrasted with a photo of a lynching. According to Wray and the other mothers, this PTO president resigned over online harassment.

There’s a mirror of the original Google drive here.

There’s now a petition demanding that Jann-Michael Greensburg resign. It does seem as if the pushback on mask mandates, CRT and other things is uncovering a lot of really unpleasant people on school boards across the country.

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