As activists vow to make her life 'unpleasant,' Sen. Sinema heads to Europe

Yesterday the group Our Revolution vowed they would join other activists in an effort to harass Sen. Sinema everywhere she went and make her life “unpleasant” until she agrees to support Biden’s Build Back Better bill. The activists may find it difficult to follow through on that plan, though because Sen. Sinema has left the country and was last seen in Paris.

A spokesman for Ms. Sinema said she had participated in fund-raising for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee but declined to say where or provide any additional details. One person briefed on the matter said an event had occurred in Paris. It was not clear whether her trip to Europe was at the urging of the party committee.

The chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Senator Gary Peters of Michigan, is also in Europe this week and headlined a dinner on Wednesday in London, with contribution levels as much as $36,500, according to a copy of an invitation. Ms. Sinema’s name does not appear on that invitation.

Ms. Sinema’s office declined to say how long she would be abroad, what countries she was visiting, how the trip was being paid for and whether she was doing any additional fund-raising for her own campaign. Her political team had reached out to set up meetings in London and Paris, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Protesters have already followed her into a bathroom and onto a plane. Monday they had a plan to harass her at the Boston Marathon but that didn’t work out very well.

The protest came after activists from the Green New Deal Network, a coalition of 15 organizations, announced that they planned on “bird-dogging” Sinema during the marathon, according to The Boston Globe.

Yet the Green New Deal Network told Fox News its activists had “no luck with a sighting of Sen. Sinema” at the marathon.

A spokesperson for the senator told Fox News that Sinema had to skip out on running the race.

She didn’t run in the race because she has a broken foot. In fact, if you watch some of those previous videos of people following her, you can see she still has a slight limp when she walks. The groups who traveled to Boston for this campaign sent out social media posts anyway: “She can run the #BostonMarathon but she can’t run from us,” one of them said even though that wasn’t accurate.

It turns out she couldn’t run the Boston Marathon but she could get away from these persistent pests by going to Europe. And why not? If there’s some fundraising she can do abroad, why sit around at home waiting for your harassers to find you?

Of course, whichever progressive dark money group is funding these efforts can definitely afford to send a few people to Paris or London. I wonder if they are already on their way as we speak. On the one hand, it would be sort of impressive if they found her and continued to protest her in Paris. On the other hand that image might mess with the subtext of these protests which is the poor desperate activists are speaking for the downtrodden. If you’re being flown from Arizona to Paris to do your job, you’re not really that downtrodden.

The other alternative is that they’ll just concede they can’t follow her everywhere and instead try to turn this to their advantage with the media, i.e. Sinema fled the country and her responsibilities. Of course, that’s not true. Sinema has told the White House what she wants and there are phones in Paris, but the activists can easily find people in the left-wing media who won’t care as long as there’s a way to paint her in a bad light.

The far left activists wanted to make this into a game of tag and so far they are losing. My one hope from all of this is that Sinema will post a selfie from the top of the Eiffel Tower or maybe on the Tube in London wearing her “F*ck off” ring. Heads will explode.

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