Seattle's next City Attorney could be a police abolitionist who cheered on Antifa

Back in July I pointed out that Seattle’s City Attorney Pete Holmes was struggling with his reelection and that meant there was a real chance the city could elect moderate Republican Ann Davison in his place. Here’s what KIRO 7 was reporting at the time.


Three-term incumbent Pete Holmes is facing a surprisingly tough challenge as voters receive their mail-in ballots for the August 3 election.

The latest poll shows him effectively tied in a three-way race with Ann Davison and Nicole Thomas-Kennedy. He has 16% of the vote, while Davison and Thomas-Kennedy each have 14%. In all, 53% of voters aren’t sure. Also, 617 people were surveyed, and the margin of error is 4.3%. Only the top two winners of the August primary go on to the November general election.

Well, the good news is that Pete Holmes lost the primary and won’t be back as City Attorney. The bad news is that the city seems to be considering a vote for an even more extreme candidate, Nicole Thomas-Kennedy. Thomas-Kennedy calls herself an abolitionist and she’s about as anti-police as it’s possible to be. In fact, she has repeatedly supported anti-police protests and cheered on vandalism aimed at police. Here are a few select tweets of hers from last summer up through earlier this year:

Here she is accusing a police officer of being a Nazi because of his haircut.

Here was her response to someone supporting the police after a large explosive was set off near the East Precinct:

And when someone else offered support in the wake of that explosion, she snapped at them:


She really, really hates the police. (Looks like she deleted this one.) “Eat some covid laces shit & quit ur jobs.”

But she loves Antifa and supports property destruction.

She’s also anti-religion and anti-capitalist.

Now that she has a real shot at becoming City Attorney, she is trying to clean up her act a bit. She told KIRO Radio those tweets from last year were just “sarcasm.

“There’s a lot of irony and sarcasm on Twitter,” Thomas-Kennedy said. “A lot of my tweets at that time were about pushing buttons. At the same time, SPD was continuously posting these tweets that were lying about what was going on. First, I didn’t really think that it might be entirely true, and, second, I knew that it would make people mad if I posted that, particularly the people that would tweet at me like, ‘cops should use live rounds,’ or ‘all protesters should be gassed.’ It was speaking back to that.”…

“Yeah, it’s sarcasm,” Thomas-Kennedy continued. “It’s, again, speaking back to people who are saying that protesters should be killed. The narrative was that people are in the street protesting police murders, and occasionally there would be some property damage. Then, people on social media in particular would say, ‘those people deserve to be killed.’ I was being deliberately inflammatory.”


I’ll just point out that the person she was responding to above didn’t say anything about police shooting protesters or anything else inflammatory. She merely said America supports the police (which is true, btw) and Nicole went on the attack with her comment about “Amerikkka.” So I’m not sure we can really trust her memory on what she was tweeting and why.

In any case, she’s still happy to present herself as the wokest white woman in the city.

Here’s a ad for her campaign.

There is some good news here. While Thomas-Kennedy has been endorsed by King County Democrats, not everyone in Seattle is a leftist crank. The Seattle Times endorsed Ann Davidson as did two former state governors, both of whom are Democrats.

Former Washington Governors Christine Gregoire and Gary Locke endorsed Ann Davison in the race for Seattle city attorney on Tuesday, saying the positions championed by her opponent, Nicole Thomas-Kennedy, would put the people of Seattle at risk.

“Seattle is at a crossroads,” the two said in a joint statement. “Seattle remains a great place to live and raise a family, but it also faces some very real and growing problems. Now more than ever we need pragmatic city leaders who understand the challenges our city is facing and are committed to implementing realistic solutions that will get Seattle back on the right track.”


Hopefully residents are paying attention to their advice. The last thing Seattle needs is an anti-police, pro-Antifa City Attorney.

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