Was AOC in tears after voting 'present' on Iron Dome funding? (Update)

Was AOC in tears after voting 'present' on Iron Dome funding? (Update)

Allahpundit mentioned this earlier. After the vote to include $1 billion in funding for Iron Dome, which passed 420-9 with two voting present, Rep. AOC appears to have needed a moment to collect herself. AOC had initially voted “nay” and then changed her vote to present at the last moment.

You can actually see the moment when she changed her vote in this clip. AOC is, appropriately enough, on the far left edge of the screen surrounded by several other members. She’s gesturing and clearly talking. At 30 seconds, she makes a move toward the front and picks up a piece of paper to change her vote. At that point, the vote superimposed on the screen shows the Democrats have 210 yea votes, 9 nay votes and one vote of present. AOC finishes changing her vote and walks back to the gathering she was with before. Then, at 1:13, the vote tally changes to 8 nay votes and two Democrats voting present. A few seconds later the final vote is announced by the Speaker Pro Tempore, Rep. Jahana Hayes.

You can really tell from that clip that anyone is upset but there’s another clip which claims to show AOC after the vote. I say claims because I can’t honestly tell when this moment happened relative to the vote above. AOC can be seen on the left.

Here’s a closer view of the same image. It certainly looks like someone is consoling her but is that still about Iron Dome?

So that’s what happened but I wouldn’t be surprised if AOC denied/put another spin on this before the day is over. I mean, what is there to be upset about in a defensive missile system that saves lives? It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. But so far she hasn’t tweeted anything about it. Maybe she’s going to hold off for tomorrow.

Glenn Greenwald notes that AOC has previously criticized Tulsi Gabbard for voting present on impeachment:

This story has been floating around for several hours already. Again, I’m a bit surprised AOC hasn’t responded to either deny its accuracy or, alternatively, argue that everyone should be crying about it. I’ll update this if something changes.

Update: It’s speculation but it’s the best explanation I’ve heard for why she changed her vote at the last second.


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Jazz Shaw 10:01 AM on June 04, 2023