There was a preliminary hearing this week for a BLM activist who drove over two people last year

Her name is Tatiana “Tia” Turner and she was the organizer of a group called Caravan 4 Justice, a BLM group that held rallies in Seal Beach and Yorba Linda last year. But things suddenly changed for Turner at the Yorba Linda event when she got into a car surrounded by Trump supporters and then decided to drive into them. Two people were seriously injured and she was stopped and quickly arrested. A few days later she was charged with attempted murder.

Authorities allege 40-year-old Tatiana “Tia” Turner ran over the head of one woman and broke the leg of a man when she accelerated her car through the crowd.

The Orange County District Attorney’s office announced the charges were filed Tuesday, three days after Orange County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Turner shortly after the incident.

Now she faces a maximum sentence of seven years to life plus 13 years and four months in state prison if convicted on all charges, the district attorney’s office wrote. She is scheduled to be arraigned today…

Turner has been in custody for the past three days on $1 million bail, according to Orange County jail records.

There’s video of the incident:

Here’s a more graphic angle on the same incident:

Fellow activists claimed Turner hadn’t intended to harm anyone but was surrounded by Trump supporters and became afraid for her own safety. But things got worse for Turner in January of this year when authorities announced they were adding new charges based on video of a previous rally in Seal Beach where Turner was seen beating a man with a stick.

The Seal Beach protest made headlines at the time because of a brawl between protesters and a Long Beach teacher who confronted them. Seal Beach police said protesters eventually beat the teacher and another man with a stick after a struggle.

The new charges against Turner allege she bludgeoned the victims with a four-foot rod after they were beaten to the ground by other activists at the Seal Beach protest, Edds said, although it wasn’t immediately clear if the Long Beach teacher was one of the people referenced in the charges.

So this week, Turner’s preliminary hearing is finally taking place for all of these charges. The hearing started Tuesday and is expected to end sometime today. Both of the people who were injured in the Yorba Linda incident are expected to testify about what happened that day. Andy Ngo points out that SoCal Antifa has been rallying to support her:

I’ll wrap this up with a video which pours some cold water on the Free Tia efforts of her BLM/Antifa comrades.

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