Recall of SF School Board likely has more than enough signatures to get on the ballot

It looks like they’ve done it. The effort to recall three members of the San Francisco School Board is now on track to make the ballot:


As the San Francisco Chronicle explains, the 70,000 figure is significant because it means there are probably more than enough valid signatures to meet the threshold:

“Overall we’re so gratified and humbled by the outpouring of support for the school board recall from people in every walk of life and from every part of the city,” said Siva Raj, a parent and organizer of the recall…

To qualify for the ballot, the campaign would need 51,325 valid signatures supporting the recall for each board member, or 10% of registered voters.

“Our validity looks quite good, so we’re confident this will qualify,” Raj said Monday.

The signatures will be submitted on Sep. 7 and then the city will have 30 days to decide if they qualify to put each of the three members of the board up for a recall vote.

Polls taken in February and May showed that, at least at the time, the SF school board was very unpopular.

The February poll found 60% support for recalling the school board members — with support for the recall among parents of kids in San Francisco’s public schools jumping to 69%…

The May polls showed a cumulative 71% negative rating of the school board and just a 10% positive rating.

Take your pick for the reasons why. It could have been the push to rename dozens of area schools which relied on shoddy research, or the refusal to allow a gay parent to join their advisory group because he was white, or the vote to remove admissions testing from Lowell High School on the grounds that the school wasn’t diverse enough even though it was majority Asian. Not to mention board member Alison Collins statement that Asians use “white supremacist thinking” to get ahead or her claim that meritocracy is racist or her absurd $87 million lawsuit against the board. Even in San Francisco, the extreme leftism of these board members is too much for a lot of residents, especially parents. Not to mention that the board was fixated on all of this while schools were still not meeting in classrooms.


Barring some last minute interference it looks like the recall vote will happen and given the prior polling it shouldn’t even be close. Maybe if these three  members are recalled in deepest blue San Francisco other parts of the country will get the message that focusing on this nonsense isn’t what most Americans care about.

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David Strom 7:00 AM | May 18, 2024