New York City is experiencing some serious flooding

Tropical Storm Elsa is currently moving up the east coast toward New York City and today, even before it arrives, there was a downpour which led to some flash flooding in parts of the city:


Flash floods unleashed by a series of powerful thunderstorms crippled highways, streets and subways in New York City and beyond, totally shutting down the vital Major Deegan Expressway for hours and stranding motorists who had to be rescued.

Multiple roads were reported closed in places like Yonkers in Westchester County and Hackensack in New Jersey as the brunt of the storm hit during the rush hour, turning roads into rivers and subway stations into pools.

This is what things looked like in the subway:

People tried using trashbags to keep dry but it mostly didn’t work:

Here’s what it looked like above the same station:

Meanwhile in Penn Station:


Can’t quite make out the sign in this one:

But New Yorkers don’t stop:

The Major Deegan Expressway in the Bronx was flooded to the point that people had to be rescued:

Video of stranded people being pulled from their cars into the back of a truck:

Some drivers seem to be pushing through it:


This is from Yonkers:

That’s all that I see at the moment but again the bad news is that Elsa is still on its way bringing a lot more rain late tonight and early tomorrow. New Yorkers have a lot of recent experience working from home. Maybe tomorrow would be a good day to just stay home rather than trying to commute through what is likely to be a disaster. Here’s a local news report on the mess.

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