Man directs stream of racist abuse at Asian cop then claims 'black people can't be racist'

I’m not writing about this because it’s a terribly important incident in the scheme of things. I’m writing about it because it’s a pretty revealing one at this point in time. First the backstory. Last Saturday the NYPD cleared people out of Washington Square Park to enforce a 10 pm curfew. As 10 pm approached, cops started gearing up and people in the park started chanting things like “abolish the police.”

At 10 pm police moved into the park and pushed people out which led to some scuffles.

Many of the people who’d been in the park refused to disperse. Instead they gathered at the police line.

At 10:30 it was a kind of block party in defiance of the police:

Some arrests were made but for a while there was a stalemate at the police line.

Eventually, one of the people pulled a bike away from one of the cops on the line and police then pushed people back declaring an unlawful assembly.

Cops eventually chased the group several blocks away. So that’s the larger context in which to watch this next video. The location is Washington Square Park and one man has decided to single out an Asian cop for a tirade or abuse, repeatedly calling him a “ch**k.” The other cops try to deescalate but this guy will not be dissuaded. Apparently, verbally abusing this officer and threatening him is really important to this guy.

And then a white guy rides past on a bicycle and tells the guy to stop. “Stop talking about ch**ks, man, that’s f**ked up,” he said. He then adds that it’s racist, which it clearly is. But the guy attacking the Asian officer has a ready response for that, “Black people can’t be racist.”

One of the cops tells him to “watch his mouth” and the man tries to provoke a confrontation. “Watch my mouth or what, you ch**k?” “Go look me up, you f**kin’ ch**k!…Back up you ch**k.”

At the end of this he repeats that black people “cannot be racist” despite all the evidence he has just provided to the contrary.

If you’ve spent any time watching video of protests over the past year, you probably already know this kind of abuse is not unique. Often it’s the black officers who seem to get the worst of the abuse from BLM protesters. But other minority officers and white officers get it too. And meanwhile there’s a false assumption that black people can’t be racist which, for people like the guy in this clip, means they can act like hateful creeps and target other minorities with a clear conscience.