Report: High level Chinese defector has information on special weapons programs

(AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Our sister site Red State published a story this afternoon which says the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has been talking with a high level Chinese defector for several months. The sources for this story are anonymous but they claim this individual is one of the highest level defectors ever to leave China.

Sources tell RedState the defector has been with the DIA for three months and that he has provided an extensive, technically detailed debrief to US officials. In DIA’s assessment, the information provided by the defector is legitimate.

Even more significantly, this defector is said to have knowledge about “special weapons programs in China, including bioweapons programs.” Does that mean the defector could have knowledge of military research being done at the Wuhan Institute of Virology? That’s the implication. Red State’s Jennifer Van Laar reports the information she’s getting seems to confirm what Adam Housley was tweeting last night:

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about this idea that China might be trying to retroactively produce viral variants that would make it appear the virus arose naturally. Yesterday I wrote about former MI6 director Sir Richard Dearlove’s interview with the Telegraph. One of the things that he talked about in that interview was a forthcoming paper which was previewed last week by the Daily Mail. That paper by Angus Dalgleish and Birger Sørensen makes precisely this claim, i.e. that “there have been retro-engineered viruses created.”

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve written that it’s likely we’ll never learn the truth about the origin of the Coronavirus, but a high level Chinese defector would change the calculus quite a bit. And if a defector really can back up the claim about retro-engineered viruses that would probably go a long way to convince skeptics that China has been extremely deceptive about the origin of the virus.

But at this point we’re dealing with one or maybe two anonymous sources talking about a defector that, allegedly, even FBI Director Christopher Wray didn’t know about until recently. Hopefully we’ll know more soon.