Denver school board director stepping back after new allegations of sexual misconduct against DACA students

Tay Anderson is the progressive director of the Denver School Board. Back in February a woman went to a local Black Lives Matter group and alleged that Anderson had sexually assaulted her. Shortly after that a woman named Madison Rose who works with a group called Never Again Colorado, a youth gun control organization that Anderson was president of until 2018, also accused Anderson of sexual misconduct.

But Anderson and his attorney denied all of the allegations and specifically called Madison Rose and “opportunist” with a history of making “false allegations” against Anderson:

Decker said Rose made allegations of financial mismanagement against Anderson while working at Never Again Colorado in 2018. However, Decker said those allegations were later proven to be false.

Anderson’s attorney also brought up the fact that the Denver Police has not received a report of misconduct made by any of his accusers.

Pointing to the fact that the allegations haven’t been referred to police is interesting in this case because it seems possible anonymous woman who reported her (alleged) assault to BLM may have been trying to avoid involving the police and instead looking for some form or restorative justice. Specifically, the victim said she wanted Anderson to apologize publicly and seek help. In any case, that’s where things stood as of March of this year. And then last week the case took another dramatic turn:

On Tuesday, Mary-Katherine Brooks Fleming, a parent of three DPS students, told the state House Judiciary Committee there is “a sexual predator targeting DPS children” during her public testimony in support of a bill that would make it easier for victims to sue institutions who employ child sexual abusers…

Brooks Fleming told the committee 62 people had come to her for help regarding a single individual, but she did not name that person. Their experiences ranged from unwanted touching to “violent acts of rape,” she said. Sixty-one of them lacked documentation or were recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, and the youngest was 14, she said.

You can see Brooks Fleming’s emotional testimony here. She claims these kids were specifically targeted because they were part of DACA and worried about interacting with law enforcement.

Over the weekend the Colorado High School Democrats have asked Anderson to resign. Anderson won’t be doing that but did announce he would step away from some of his duties on the school board while the investigation is ongoing. In a statement posted on Twitter he called the new allegations false:

At this point we have a tremendous amount of smoke but Anderson’s attorneys says that as of this weekend no one has identified a specific time or place of any alleged assault took place. Police are investigating the claims made by Brooks Fleming so that could change if just one person is willing to file a report.

Here’s a local news report on Anderson’s decision to step back: