Five children, ages 11 months to 7, found abandoned near the border

“If this doesn’t make you mad and make you want to take to the streets, I don’t know what will,” said Katie Hobbs. She and her husband own a farm near the border where five young girls were found abandoned Sunday. It all started when her husband went out for a routine check of his property. He spotted the five girls laying in the dirt together.


“They were crying, they were scared, they didn’t know where their parents were,” said Hobbs. “He thought one of them was dead.”

Hobbs rushed over to where her husband was and took out her phone and started recording what was unfolding.

She said the little girls were left on a dirty blanket, the smallest one, still a baby, didn’t have on any diapers and was crawling around in the dirt…

“They couldn’t say anything about their parents, or where they were, or where they had even really come from,” said Hobbs.

The five children came from two different countries. The three kids aged 7, 3 and 2 were from Honduras. The 5-year-old and 11-month old were from Guatemala.

“It is heartbreaking to find such small children fending for themselves in the middle of nowhere,” Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Austin L. Skero II said in a statement. “Unfortunately, this happens far too often now. If not for our community and law enforcement partners, these little girls could have faced the more than 100-degree temperatures with no help.”
The children didn’t require medical attention and are pending transfer to Health and Human Services custody.

Mr. Hobbs made his tour of the property around 8:30 am Sunday morning. He believes the kids had been there most of the night. He had last toured the property around 6:30 pm the day before and they hadn’t been there.

Hobbs couldn’t get help immediately from Border Patrol so he called one of his workers, who speak Spanish, and asked him and his wife to bring food and water for the kids. Then he called a local constable who was able to contact a friend in the Border Patrol.

Mr. and Mrs. Hobbs and the ranch hand couple both stayed with the kids for three hours until Border Patrol arrived. They made sure the kids weren’t in distress and kept them out of the sun. The temperature rose to nearly 103 degrees that afternoon. Mr. Hobbs later said, “I don’t think they would have made it if I hadn’t found them.” His wife said they’ve never seen so many people crossing the border and predicted there would be deaths as the weather warmed up this summer.

This isn’t the first incident we’ve seen like this. There was that image of two young girls being dropped over the border fence by smugglers. It turned out their parents in the U.S. had paid for that to happen. There was also a 10-year-old who’d been abandoned by his group and became concerned they might kill him.


Underlying this latest incident is likely the self-separation at the border that many parents are choosing, i.e. send your kids across alone because they will be allowed to stay. That’s all prompted by the Biden administration decision to allow unaccompanied minors to avoid being deported. It’s very lucky that in this case that attempt to work the system didn’t result in several dead children.

Here’s the local news report:

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