Twitter's take on a tweet by Donald Trump Jr. is really something special

AP Photo/John Raoux

Maybe Twitter has hired some former Vox writers? I’m not sure how else to explain what is going on here. It started with this tweet from Donald Trump Jr. in reaction to today’s bad jobs numbers.

If you remember the Carter years then it’s not very hard to see what Trump Jr. was saying. It was an era of stagflation, i.e. high inflation, low growth, a recession that led to high unemployment. It was not a good time. And with today’s numbers there is some renewed concern about the possibility inflation could be heating up.

But of course there are plenty of people on the left who are always eager to argue with anything tweeted by someone named Trump. And that led to this curious trending item at Twitter: “People are confused by a Tweet from Donald Trump Jr., saying that President Biden ‘isn’t the next FDR he’s the next Jimmy Carter,’ given that former president Carter is a Nobel Peace Prize winner whose humanitarian record is largely respected.”

No one is actually confused about what Trump Jr. was saying. But for those who claimed they didn’t get it, he clarified.

Again, no one was confused:

What you did have on Twitter was people who tried their best to change the subject:

There was a lot more along these lines.

Fair enough. Carter won a Peace Prize and has built a lot of houses for charity in his post-presidency. But, economically speaking, his presidency was not a fun time for most Americans. So why is Twitter spinning for aggrieved Democrats? I’m assuming a person wrote this nonsense. Again, it sounds like a Vox headline, i.e. “Well, akshually…”

Or maybe it’s worse than a Vox headline:

And here’s where the social media universe folds in upon itself like a black hole. A Vox writer agrees Trump Jr. had a pretty obvious point and implies Twitter’s description is nonsense.

When the people at Vox think your “Well, ackshually…” description has gone too far, you’ve definitely gone too far. I’ll give Ben Shapiro the last word.