DA Gascon's newest prosecutor is a former public defender who labeled the LAPD an 'occupying army'

We already know the kind of prosecutors LA County District Attorney George Gascon doesn’t like, the ones who are eager to put the worst of the worst offenders in prison for a long time. Now we also know the kind of person Gascon would like to see as top prosecutors. He just hired a former public defender who has previously called the LAPD “Barbarians” and and “occupying army” and also called for the abolishment of prisons. Tiffany Townsend Blacknell’s tweets are currently protected but you can see a couple of them below:

Another one:

She’s not a fan of the police obviously:

What are her qualifications to be a prosecutor? She doesn’t have any experience as one. In fact, it’s not clear how Gascon can hand someone with a complete lack of such experience the job he just gave her:

FOX 11 has confirmed that Gascón is bringing Blacknell over from the public defender’s office and hiring her as a Grade 4 Deputy DA, which is the second-highest grade a prosecutor can achieve. On top of that, the salary of that position can be up to $15,000 a month.

Cindy Wallace has been a prosecutor in the DA’s office for almost 13 years. Wallace is a Grade 3 and says Blacknell’s hire doesn’t smell right.

“It’s really unfortunate. I think it’s unfair,” Wallace said. “It seems like she was given some sort of preferential treatment for helping George Gascón’s election, being on the transition team, it’s nepotistic a bit.”

Eric Siddall is the vice president of the union representing prosecutors in the LA County DA’s Office. Siddall says according to office policy, a Grade 4 prosecutes the most difficult and complex felony cases and is required to have at least two years of experience working as a Grade 3 deputy DA, an experience level Blacknell does not have.

Siddal told Fox 11, “What’s curious is that a Grade 4 position requires prosecutorial experience. I don’t believe she has any.” Oh, well, it’s not as if you really need to be able to prosecute anyone to make George Gascon happy.

Blacknell was recently involved in what has been described as a secret, sweetheart deal to give an accused gang murderer a brief sentence for murder. The gang member whose name is Rudy Dominguez allegedly shot and killed 26-year-old Fernando Rojo in 2016. At a preliminary hearing in the case, Dominguez’ public defender Traci Blackburn claimed that an adviser to Gascon named Mario Trujillo had offered a 7-year-deal.

Mentioned in the transcript is Tiffany Townend Blacknell, who also works in the public defender’s office with Blackburn, and represented Dominguez until Blackburn recently took over.

This was news to the actual prosecutor in the case who hadn’t heard anything about such a deal. In a subsequent hearing to clear up the confusion, a Deputy DA supervisor indicated that this offer had never been passed through appropriate channels.

At the hearing, a supervisor in the DA’s hardcore gang unit clarified to the judge that any offer made by Trujillo is invalid because it never went through him or the proper channels in accordance with DA office protocols.

“Mario Trujillo bypassed all of that, avoided all that, never once called the DA that’s actually prosecuting the case. The judge this morning asked did Mario Trujillo ever call you? Talk to you about this case? And the DA said not once.”

When Judge Arnold was told the deal is invalid…we’re told he said quote “It’s a good thing…because there’s no way I could look at myself in the mirror with a plea bargain of seven years on this case.”

These are the people now dispensing justice in LA County. And despite having no experience whatsoever, Tiffany Blacknell is apparently now an upper level prosecutor for DA George Gascon.