Nick Sandmann fires Lin Wood but his cases against media outlets will go forward

On January 1st, Nick Sandmann expressed some surprise and concern at some of the extreme things his attorney Lin Wood was saying. If you’ve forgotten, Wood was one of the people suggesting VP Pence needed to be arrested and then executed for treason. Sandmann’s reaction was “I’m sorry but what the hell.” He then got a lot of pushback for not being loyal to Wood:

Sandmann also did his best to discredit another conspiracy theory involving Chief Justice John Roberts and Jeffrey Epstein. And then a few days later the riot at the Capitol happened and once again Sandmann was shocked. He RT’d this tweet about the riots on Jan. 6th:

And then he went further and said that he blamed President Trump for instigating the riot. As you can see, that didn’t go over well with a lot of people. His tweet got a 2:1 ratio of comments to likes.

But he didn’t back down and had a message for some of the Q believers or whoever it was that was convinced Mike Pence was about to be arrested:

Sandmann even made a joke at his own expense:

Jump forward to Sunday of this week and Sandmann tweeted a screenshot of a statement published by Lin Wood on Telegram. Wood suggests Sandmann might drop him because of pressure from his job working for Mitch McConnell.

Today that prediction came true:

Nicholas Sandmann, terminated lawyer L. Lin Wood from the team representing him in a series of lawsuits that accuse media companies of inaccurately portraying the stand-off at the Lincoln Memorial on the day of a large anti-abortion protest.

“I have ended my lawyer-client relationship with Mr. Wood and no longer wish to be represented by him,” Sandmann said in an affidavit included in the court filings.

Sandmann continues to be represented by Kentucky-based lawyer Todd McMurtry.

Sandmann tweeted about it just a few minutes ago saying Wood’s comments about him were untrue:

I guess that’s a response to the claim that he dropped Wood because of pressure form his job. I think the evidence is pretty clear that Sandmann dropped him because he was raving about martial law and VP Pence being shot as a traitor. It’s good to see that Sandmann has some common sense despite his youth.

Despite the turmoil on his team, Sandmann’s lawsuits against six media outlets will continue. On Jan. 9 his other attorney Todd McMurty announced that an effort by USA Today to dismiss the lawsuit against them had been defeated.