Portland Antifa scuffle with police, vandalize Democratic Party HQ

It’s a day ending in y so that’s cause for Antifa to riot in Portland. Actually today the mob clearly had a point to make: They aren’t celebrating the election of Joe Biden. The action started in the middle of the afternoon:


Fighting with police is always the first order of business for Antifa.


That kept escalating until officers pulled back:

Pretty soon they were vandalizing buildings and blocking streets:


Check out the banner: “We don’t want Biden—We want revenge!”

For a while it didn’t seem as if there was any particular goal:

But eventually then wound up at the Democratic Party HQ in Portland where they started breaking windows:

The intent of this is pretty clear from the message spray painted in the window: “F**k Biden.”

Why aren’t these goons being arrested? They are doing this in broad daylight. This isn’t even the first time they’ve done this. They vandalized the same building back in November.

Police did arrive a few moments later and they marched off. Moments later some stripped off the outer layer of black clothes and melted away.


This guy tried to get in a cop’s face and got knocked down:

There was a traffic stop and someone got arrested:

Andy Ngo recognizes him:

That seems to be all for now. The Portland march may not be done for the night but seems to be taking a break. Meanwhile, a similar “protest” is just starting in Seattle. We’ll likely have more on that tomorrow.

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