Four people died at the Capitol yesterday and 14 police officers were injured (Update: 60 officers injured)

The casualty count from yesterday’s storming of the U.S. Capitol was more serious than we knew yesterday afternoon. According to police, a total of four people died yesterday and a number of weapons were found including Molotov cocktails:


A woman was shot by a plainclothes Capitol Police officer after breaching the Capitol and attempting to enter the House chamber, according to acting Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee…

In addition to the shooting, one woman and two men died “around the Capitol grounds” after suffering “separate medical emergencies,” Contee said. Contee did not identify any of the deceased or provide further information on the medical issues that lead to their deaths…

At least 14 members of the Metropolitan Police Department were injured, including one officer who was dragged into the crowd. Six firearms and two pipe bombs were recovered, as was a cooler of molotov cocktails.

The woman who was shot inside the Capitol has been identified as Ashli Babbitt, a 35-year-old veteran who lived in the San Diego area. Here brother-in-law Justin Jackson spoke to NBC 7:

“Ashli was both loyal as well as extremely passionate about what she believed in. She loved this country and felt honored to have served in our Armed Forces. Please keep her family in your thoughts and respect their privacy during this time,” Jackson told NBC 7.

One of Ashli’s last tweets is getting a lot of attention this morning:


There are many stories mentioning the three other deaths near the Capitol yesterday but all of them are based on the same vague statement from the DC Chief of police. I’m not seeing any additional details about what kind of medical emergencies took place.

More than 60 people have been arrested so far but nearly all of those were for curfew violations last night. All but one of the people arrested were from out of town. Just five people were arrested during the day yesterday. However, the police have since released photos of dozens of people and asked the public for help identifying them. A few of the images have been posted on Twitter:

There’s a much larger collection of photos here (pdf) if you’re interested. I count 38 photos, most of which have multiple people in them. The slides say most of them are wanted for “unlawful entry.”


Update: More on the casualties from yesterday: 60 officers injured and 15 in the hospital.

Arrest them all. No one involved in this assault should get away with it.

Update: The names of the other three people who died yesterday have been released but still no more information about how they died.

One of the men who died was 50-year-old Benjamin Phillips of Schuylkill County, Pa.

Metro City Police confirmed Phillips died of a medical emergency along with Kevin Greeson, 55, of Alabama and Rosanne Boylan, 34, of Georgia.

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