Tenney expands lead to 19 votes after vote totals in 3 counties are updated

The battle in NY-22 is still ongoing but after three counties updated their vote totals last week Republican Claudia Tenney has expanded her lead slightly from 12 votes to nineteen. Most of the change happened in Chenago County where elections officials had previously announced finding 55 uncounted ballots, 44 of which were deemed valid.

After election officials counted the ballots today, Tenney picked up 25 votes and Brindisi 17 votes, said Carol Franklin, a Chenango County elections commissioner. An additional four ballots left the line for Congress blank.

State Supreme Court Justice Scott J. DelConte had ordered Chenango County to count the 44 valid affidavit ballots after they were found by election officials in their office on Dec. 1, almost a month after the election. The ballots were cast during the state’s early voting period…

Separately, two other counties filed paperwork with DelConte detailing changes in their vote counts: Tenney picked up one vote in Oswego County and Brindisi picked up three votes to one for Tenney in Broome County.

However, the biggest mess was in Oneida County which had failed to write challenges on ballots in ink and wound up losing sticky notes affixed to some ballots. The County was unable to say for certain why certain ballots had been challenged or whether they had been counted. All of the counties were supposed to complete their recanvas of the vote Friday. Then the judge planned to walk through all of the various objections today just after noon. But it appears Oneida County is once again holding up the works:

The 12:30PM time has come and gone without a court hearing in the NY 22nd Congressional District lawsuit. The hold up appears to be with the Oneida County Board of Election having not yet completed their recanvass of disputed votes in the congressional race.

The Oneida County Board of Elections are the only county board not to have submitted their recanvass results in the disputed New York 22nd Congressional race to State Supreme Court Judge Scott DelConte in time for the judge to hold his scheduled hearing Monday morning.

Eventually, Oneida County told Judte DelConte that they won’t be done with their recanvas until next week. So around 2 pm the judge started working on the ballots he has from the other counties:

It sounds as if Rep. Brindisi’s attorney is getting on Judge DelConte’s nerves:

So with this new delay there’s no way this will be resolved before Christmas. Maybe by New Year’s Day we’ll have a result?