Riot declared in Portland as Antifa holds 'march of terror'

After gathering downtown Antifa marched through the streets carrying a banner that read “The vote is over the fight goes on.” They were clearly not happy about Mayor Ted Wheeler’s defeat of Antifa-sympathizer Sarah Iannarone.


The group very quickly turned to vandalism of businesses, smashing windows and destroying ATMs as they passed:

This was apparently an anti-capitalist march, though I think they all are to some degree:

That’s why ATMs are a frequent target:

Lots of broken windows as well. The official excuse is anti-capitalism but the real reason is that these are juvenile a-holes having a tantrum at the expense of the adults.

They also broke the windows of a Catholic Church:


The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office had something to say about that:

Some business owners weren’t having it:

After all of this damage the whole thing was declared a riot and police moved in:

And for the first time, the Oregon National Guard was sent in:


Arrests were made:

Weapons were collected. Police later clarified that the arrested man had thrown a firework not a Molotov.

Eventually the mob returned to the courthouse where they made a lot of threats:

Andy Ngo points out that all of this chaos was pre-planned:

In an interview with Sky News, Ngo dubbed it a “march of terror.”

11 people were arrested in Portland last night. Willamette Week reported today on what it called “indiscriminate vandalism” by which they mean that the group broke things belonging to other leftists:


Among the small businesses hit: the downtown store of clothing brand Wildfang, which sells shirts reading “Wild Feminist” and androgynous jumpsuits. The store has branded itself as feminist and LBGTQ-friendly, advocating for reproductive rights and immigration.

The seemingly indiscriminate vandalism reflected frustrations among some of the city’s most strident activists, who appear as irked with mainstream Democrats as with the White House.

The anti-fascist group Popular Mobilization, or Pop Mob, organized tonight’s march to protest what it described as attempts by Trump “to stage a coup in the face of a projected Biden win. But this ain’t over—no matter how this goes, Portland’s coming out to show these rotting institutions we’re fed the fuck up.”

The backdrop of all of this is that the Portland City Council is set to vote today on further defunding of the police:

The council has a hearing at 2 p.m. to decide whether to slash another $18 million from the police budget. They already cut $15 million from Portland Police Bureau (PPB) budget in June amid historic, nationwide anti-police protests following the death of George Floyd…

Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell said the cuts would be detrimental to the safety of the community.

“An additional cut of $18 million would require significant layoffs and affect the police bureau’s ability to respond to 911 calls,” he said. “In addition, the proposed budget reductions also will reduce training and diversity initiatives, increase response times, slow investigations, and challenge the police bureau’s ability to meet our community’s expectations and needs.”


The fewer police they have on hand, the more the violent extremists will be in charge of the streets. That’s what the mob wants and its appears to be what some members of the City Council want as well.

Two videos to close this out. The first lays out the vote that will take place today. Two City Councilmembers have already said they are in favor of the cuts, three others including Mayor Wheeler haven’t said how they’ll vote. Below that is another report on today’s vote which features an interview with the head of the Portland Police Association. He argues that cutting the budget by an additional $18 million will result in 100 fewer officers.

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