More on the looting in Philadelphia last night (Update: NY Times reporter has thoughts on coverage)

Jazz wrote earlier about the looting that took place in Philadelphia last night. I wanted to do a round up of some of the video taken by various people at the scene because I think it really communicates the scale of what happened last night. The night started with a disagreement among the marchers over which way to go:


You can see the same argument in this top clip. Shortly after part of the group had a confrontation with police (2nd clip below):

Townhall’s Julio Rosas says the group (or part of it) was trying to approach the Philadelphia Police 18th District when they were stopped (2nd clip below):

As always, the black officers get the worst of the abuse (2nd clip):

There was reportedly some, ahem, discussion of what to do next (2nd clip):

And shortly after the confrontation with police the looting started.

A Target store was broken into but police showed up and got the situation under control (1st clip). As you can see in the 2nd clip, the looters hit WalMart next:

And around this time things just seemed to spiral completely out of control:


Police would intervene and temporarily stop the looting but as soon as they would leave, the looters would return. Walmart and Target both got hit again after police left:

Here’s the inside of the Walmart:

Just after this reporter for the Blaze said things didn’t seem safe anymore, he was jumped for filming the looters. Part of the attack was filmed by another reporter:


Another videographer was chased:

Dozens of stores looted. Even the Chick-fil-A was hit:

Elijah Schaffer, who has been to a lot of these protests, said it felt like the police had completely lost control:

And it wasn’t just looting taking place. NBC 10 reports there were 11 people shot last night in the area where the looting took place:

Two teenagers, a 15-year-old girl and 18-year-old young man, were among at least 11 people shot in an area targeted by looters during a night of unrest following the police shooting death of a Philadelphia man, police said.

It was unclear if any of the shooting victims were fatally wounded, but some of the gunfire included looters shooting at other looters in the Port Richmond neighborhood, which saw scores of people shatter windows and break into stores along Aramingo Avenue as police officers struggled to contain the chaos following the killing of Walter Wallace Jr., Philadelphia Police Department sources on the scene told NBC10.


Were police just overwhelmed or did they make some kind of decision to retreat? Finally, here’s a CBS Philly report on the damage done last night:

Update: I missed this. A few Jewish guys showed up at the BLM protest to “show solidarity.” They were forced out, threatened and attacked. “You all know we the real Jews, right?” a guy off camera said to them. So I guess we have some more Black Hebrew Israelites at this protest.

And here’s Eric Lipton of the NY Times saying it’s weird how conservatives want to “amplify” a night of riots, looting and shooting:

Here’s how the Times covered it:

As Jeryl Bier pointed out, that’s a step down from some of the Times’ previous coverage of riots:


Update: Fox 29 reports police in Philly were told not to respond to “burglary” calls. Authorities haven’t been asked about this yet but this would seem to mean no arrests for looting.

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