Ghislaine Maxwell deposition: 'I need you to define a sex toy, I don’t have enough knowledge of sex toys'

Ghislaine Maxwell deposition: 'I need you to define a sex toy, I don’t have enough knowledge of sex toys'

That’s just one of many things Ghislaine Maxwell claimed not to know. A transcript of Maxwell’s deposition in a 2015 defamation case filed by Virginia Roberts Giuffre was released today. The gist is that Maxwell claimed not to know much of anything about Jeffrey Epstein’s behavior and especially not about his fondness for underage girls.


“I never saw any inappropriate underage activities with Jeffrey ever,” Maxwell said, according to the transcript.

When asked if Epstein had a sexual preference for underage minors, Maxwell said: “I cannot tell you what Jeffrey’s story is. I’m not able to.”

Even when she admitted to being in the house with Epstein, she claimed ignorance of what he was doing:

“I had an office with a door so the door would be shut and I would be working. I’m not responsible for what Jeffrey does and I don’t always pay attention to what happens in the house,” she said.

Time and time again, Maxwell avoided answering direct questions about her knowledge of Epstein’s alleged sexual abuse of girls. In fact, she uttered the phrase “I don’t recall” 66 times in the lengthy deposition and 42 times said “I don’t recollect.

Another thing she definitely didn’t know anything about was sex toys. Apparently this adult woman who worked for and at some pointed dated this hypersexual abuser of women didn’t know what a sex toy was:

Maxwell’s refusal to answer questions about Epstein’s alleged abuse includes her denial that she was aware of the stash of sex toys Epstein allegedly used on himself and victims during his abuse.

“No. I need you to define a sex toy, I don’t have enough knowledge of sex toys,” Maxwell responded to a question on the subject.

Something else she couldn’t explain was Epstein’s relationship with Bill Clinton, who she admitted having flown with on Epstein’s plane:

At one point in the deposition interview, Maxwell acknowledged that she has flown on Epstein’s planes with former President Bill Clinton, but said she couldn’t answer questions about the nature of Clinton and Epstein’s relationship.

“I couldn’t characterize Jeffrey’s relationship” with Clinton, Maxwell said, according to the transcript.


She also denied Virginia Giuffre’s story about having sex with Prince Andrew:

Maxwell dodged questions about whether Prince Andrew ever had sex with Virginia Roberts Giuffre, but insisted that it never happened inside her London home.

“Her entire ludicrous and absurd story of what took place in my house is an obvious lie,” Maxwell said, according to the 400-plus page transcript.

“She then characterized things that took place in my bathroom in the bathtub itself,” Maxwell added. “The tub is too small for any type of activity whatsoever.”

Of course there’s a famous picture of Andrew with his arm around Giuffre in Maxwell’s apartment. Regarding that photo Maxwell said, “I have no idea what this picture was taken. I know what she purports it to be but I’m not going to say that I do.” Even when there were photos with her in them, Maxwell claimed not to know what was going on.

Ultimately Maxwell’s claim of ignorance didn’t fly. Lawyers for Virginia Roberts Giuffre convinced the court a second deposition was needed because she had dodged so many questions in the first deposition. That second deposition was taken in the summer of 2016 and still hasn’t been made public. Perhaps if that one gets released we’ll finally learn about some things Maxwell does know as opposed to just those she doesn’t.

Finally, journalist Julie Brown who revived the Epstein story at the Miami Herald points out that there are a bunch more depositions that still haven’t been released, some of which support claims made by Epstein’s accusers:


So there’s probably a lot more to come but Maxwell’s lawyers are still fighting it every step of the way:

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