#TrumpCovidHoax is now trending on Twitter

The left has really been losing what’s left of its collective mind over Trump’s COVID diagnosis. Last week I wrote about Michael Moore and many other blue-checked progressives who were spreading the idea that Trump coming down with COVID was possibly a hoax intended to change the subject and reset the campaign. But over the weekend as Trump’s doctors gave updates and several more people connected to the White House tested positive, it seemed the left and the media had moved on to other concerns. Specifically, the new worry was that the severity of Trump’s illness was being covered up and that he was carelessly spreading the virus.

But now that Trump has announced he’s leaving the hospital (more on that shortly from Allahpundit) some on the left seem to have reverted back to the original conspiracy theory, which is why #TrumpCovidHoax is now trending on Twitter:


The first tweet is right on the line:

And the next tweet goes right over the line into tinfoil hat territory.

Others are content to suggest without quite going all the way (but he still used the hashtag).

I’m only grabbing tweets from people with a lot of followers but for every person like this there are dozens of people with a handful of followers saying the same thing. Needless to say the fact that this conspiracy it trending on the left is all the fault of the White House:

As happened last week when this conspiracy theory popped up, it’s getting some pushback now as well:

True it doesn’t make a lot of sense but thinking things through isn’t really where many on the left operate these days, at least not when it comes to Trump. What matters is emoting a lot and always thinking the worst of your enemies even if that’s the opposite of what you were thinking yesterday.

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Ed Morrissey 10:01 AM on December 06, 2022