Portland riot: Mostly peaceful Molotov cocktails thrown at police

The rioters in Portland escalated their attacks on police last night. Most of the action took place near the central precinct where large rocks were used to break glass above the doors and slingshots were then used to fire rocks inside the building. An unlawful assembly was declared. When officers went out to push the group away from the building they were hit with bottles and fireworks.

A little after 10 pm the crowd returned to the central precinct and set it on fire. A riot was declared and everyone was ordered to leave the area. Here’s what happened next according to police:

Group members continued to block traffic in the streets and throw full soup cans towards officers. Green lasers, which cause permanent damage to vision, were shined at officers situated in the sound truck. Officers began to disperse the crowd outside of Central Precinct again and a Molotov cocktail was thrown towards officers striking one in the foot.

There’s video of this attack:

Another angle:

According to police, two more Molotovs were thrown at officers last night but there doesn’t appear to be video of those incidents.

A second Molotov cocktail was thrown towards officers near Southwest 3rd Avenue and Southwest Main Street, and a third Molotov cocktail was thrown at officers near Southwest Broadway and Southwest Main Street. As the crowd was dispersed they aggressively threw rocks at officers and other projectiles.

Needless to say this could have gone very differently. If that first Molotov had hit the officer in the chest instead of the foot this would have been life threatening. Andy Ngo reports that one person has been arrested for attempted murder, assault and arson. He is going to face federal charges so the progressive Portland DA will not get a chance to go easy on him.

While all of this is happening, candidates for Mayor of Portland are competing over who wants to cut the police budget the most. The answers range from $10 million over 2 years to $25 to $50 million. It appears no one is listening to the Portland Police Bureau which explained earlier this month how budget cuts and nightly riots have resulted in the inability to answer 911 in a timely manner across the city.

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Ed Morrissey 10:01 AM on December 06, 2022