Unlawful assembly has already been declared in Louisville (Update: Two officers shot)

The announcement that no charges were brought against officers for the death of Breonna Taylor has led to a BLM protest march through the city. There have been some scuffles with police and about an hour ago (as I write this) police declared an unlawful assembly and ordered everyone to clear the area. There are several reporters on the ground. Let’s start with Townhall’s Julio Rosas:


Fairly quickly the police arrived:

The protesters had a supply truck:

Lots of shields in that truck:

The Krassenstein brothers are already labeling this a false flag:

Of course there’s video of the marchers with these same signs but those idiots don’t care:


Rosas caught this death threat followed by scuffles with police and arrests:

Another view of the standoff with police:

Some initial vandalism:

An unlawful assembly was declared:

There’s also a caravan of BLM supporters in cars:


Some people shouting at police trying to provoke a reaction from them or the crowd:

Arrests are being made:

Some people are already turning on local businesses:

Bottles are being thrown:


It’s not even dark yet. Things always get worse once it’s dark.

I’ll update this post as the night goes on. I’m not hopeful this is going to remain peaceful or even “mostly peaceful.”

Update: Two police officers were shot in downtown Louisville:

At least two Louisville Metro Police officers were shot in downtown Louisville Wednesday night, just eight hours after an indictment was returned in the Breonna Taylor case.

A source with knowledge of the situation confirmed the number of officers to The Courier Journal.

I can’t verify this yet this is a clip that I see circulating that may depict the moment the shooting took place.


In addition to the shooting there is the usual assortment of fires and broken windows:


There is supposed to be a briefing on the shooting coming up. I’ll update this once it’s available.

Here’s how this is getting covered. Infuriating:

Update: The police statement was very brief. Two officers were shot and both are in stable condition with non-life threatening injures. One is in surgery. A suspect has been arrested:

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