'Defund Police' supporter Alyssa Milano praises police called to her property because of teen with air rifle

Actress/activists Alyssa Milano believes it’s time to defund the police:

And it probably goes without saying that Milano is an anti-gun activist as well:

Sunday, Milano and her husband allegedly heard gunshots near their property and called the police, though as you’ll see in a moment Milano is telling a different story:

They allegedly told the emergency hotline the sound ‘scared their dogs’ and made them feel like the gunman was nearby.

A description was given of a suspect to the officers who was ‘male, 40-years old, with long rifle’.

Multiple police SUVs (the Daily Mail said seven) arrived outside Milano’s house plus a helicopter in the air. Half a dozen officers with rifles took positions near her gate. Here are some of the photos from the scene:

A 3-hour search for the shooter followed. According to the Daily Mail, the person at the center of this drama eventually caught on to what was happening and turned himself in:

‘It turned out it was a neighborhood teen with an air gun shooting at squirrels,’ a resident told the DailyMail.com.

The male teenager witnessed the emergency response and later realized he was the cause and turned himself in.

The officers then had an impromptu meeting with some of the residents in the Bell Canyon community center, confirming what they dubbed, ‘Squirrelgate.’

That’s the version published by the Daily Mail but just a moment ago Milano released a statement giving her own version of this story.

So her husband did call police but she’s claiming she didn’t call first. She did admit that if she’d seen what her neighbor saw, she would have called the police.

No word on the age of this “man.” Was he 18?

Milano even suggested the whole thing might have been a set up designed to make her look bad:

But let’s get back to her description of what happened and praise for the local police. It would be great if Milano had expressed this kind of relatively moderate position before now. From what I can see she’s only been promoting left-wing outrage and demanding we defund the police.

Having well-trained non-police professionals isn’t a bad idea in my opinion, but that should be in addition to the police not instead of them. For instance, it’s unlikely mental health professionals are going to go to respond to a domestic disturbance without armed police given the potential for violence in these situations. Simply put, it’s not necessary to defund the police to do what Milano is suggesting.

I sincerely hope there’s a left-wing backlash to her praise for “these brave officers” from the same fans she’s been feeding the “defund” outrage material for the past few months. She’s earned it.