As Trump visits Sacramento, protesters surround CHP cruiser, one person goes to the hospital

President Trump made a visit to Sacramento today.

He visited a site where Cal Fire keeps planes it uses to fight wildfires. He praised the work of 7 members of the National Guard.

Meanwhile, outside the event a handful of Trump supporters were camped out on a corner and a group of protesters showed up being their usual charming selves.

The Trump protesters were standing in the street and trying to stop traffic. The driver of the Volvo in this clip was later stopped by police.

At some point as they chanted “You can’t stop the revolution” they surrounded a police cruiser and one kid jumped on the hood.

You can see the kid threw himself on the hood intentionally and started to climb forward as the car accelerated. Lots of people are concluding this is a case of “play stupid games, win stupid prizes.” I get the frustration with the protesters who continually play these games with cars in the street but I’d bet the cop driving is going to be in trouble. It’s a shame he didn’t just stop the car, arrest the kid and throw him in the back. Here’s another angle:

This angle shows there was another kid leaning on the side of the car who also ended up on the pavement when the car pulled away:

After this incident, the protesters started attacking other cars:

The kid who went over the cruiser was taken away in an ambulance: