Black Lives Matter activists shut down the I-5 in Seattle, nine arrested

A group of Black Lives Matter protesters who call themselves Morning March shut down half of the I-5 freeway into Seattle Friday morning. After lecturing people with a bullhorn for half an hour police arrived and arrested nine people. At least one driver had to be dragged out of his vehicle. All of this was captured on video because a reporter from The Stranger was in one of the cars that blocked traffic.

They brought their own horn section:

They did let one car through because the person inside was going to be late for a radiation treatment. I’m sure no one else in the thousands of cars blocked up by this had anything important to do. They’d rather listen to this handful of people telling them to get woke. Of course, if you’re one of the people stuck in this massive traffic jam, odds are you didn’t hear any of it because you weren’t one of the first five rows of cars. Most people stuck in this have no idea why the traffic was stopped and didn’t get any message at all.

State police eventually arrived and began arresting protesters. This guy decided to pretend he couldn’t understand why (top clip):

His refusal to get out of the car didn’t go well for him. Another protester came up and started shouting at police. She told one of the black officers at the scene, “You’re a f**king house n***a.”

I’ve written before about the way in which black police officers really get the worst abuse from BLM and other left-wing protesters. They are treated as race traitors. And as usual, the racist abuse of police never makes it into the news. Here’s the Seattle Times write up of the story which mentions the videos and the arrests but not the garbage coming from this protester toward the police.

Videos from the scene showed the group, which had been driving south over the Ship Canal Bridge, stop and get out of their vehicles, chant and speak over a megaphone. About 20 to 25 minutes later, the group had begun driving again when several State Patrol troopers blocked their way. Troopers approached one of the vehicles and told the driver he was under arrest and to step out, and when he refused, they pulled him out of the vehicle, according to a live-streamed video filmed by a protester and a video posted by a journalist for The Stranger newspaper, who was inside the vehicle.

You’d think reporters might find racist abuse newsworthy but not if police are the target. Somehow that stuff never makes it into print in major newspapers. The journalists don’t want to create a PR problem for BLM or get an earful from angry activists, so the abuse of police just winds up on the cutting room floor.

Ultimately, nine of the protesters were arrested and the rest were allowed to walk to an off-ramp. The vehicles they were driving have all been impounded. I wonder if all of the charges against the group will be dropped immediately. No one should ever be allowed to hold a gathering on a busy freeway, creating an inconvenience for thousands of people, but those rules don’t seem to apply to BLM protesters.