Portland night 88: Riot declared as antifa sets fires around PPA building, 25 arrested

While attention is focused on Kenosha, the nightly rioting continues in Portland. Last night’s riot was declared in record time after a mob of Antifa tried to set fire to the Portland Police Association building almost immediately after they arrived.


The group, roughly 300 people, began a march from Arbor Lodge Park at North Delaware Avenue and North Bryant Street about 9:30p.m. They walked north directly to the Portland Police Association Building in the 1800 block of North Lombard Street. Among other things, the crowd chanted “burn it down.” Many in the crowd carried shields, wore helmets, gas masks, and body armor.

Within minutes of the crowd arriving, people were seen going to the back of the building. Power to the building was cut and flames were seen shooting up the side of the building. The PPA office is located on the edge of a residential area with wood-frame houses. Dry summer weather exacerbated the fire danger. Due to the extreme life safety concerns, the incident commander determined that it was a riot. The urgency to extinguish the fire was extreme. Someone in the crowd appeared to pour some kind of accelerant on it as the fire exploded rapidly.

Police said two fires were set simultaneously:

With the riot declared, police pushed the crowd away from the building but as soon as the police retreated the crowd returned and tried again:

Almost immediately people began to return. Chain link fencing was pulled into roadway to block traffic. Another fire was lit in the middle of the street.

At 11:30p.m., some individuals lit two fires on the north side of the building, including the awning over the main entrance…

As officers tried to disengage again, people with “press” printed on their outer clothing were seen throwing rocks at them. A rock struck the windshield of their transport vehicle, cracking the glass (photo).


Reporters on the scene witnessed some of this:

A total of 25 arrests were made last night, a few of which were captured on video:

Last night was the 2nd night in a row Portland police have declared a riot this week. Police updated this graphic which shows details on all of the protests/riots except for last night. Click here for the full size version.

Remember when some were claiming that if the federal police would just leave, peace would return to the streets? Well, according to this graphic, riots were declared 10 times between the end of May and the end of July when the feds stepped back. Since then riots have been declared 12 times in the month of August (which obviously isn’t over yet). So the violence hasn’t decreased in the absence of the feds it has increased.


Finally, as I’ve pointed out before, the rioting has an impact beyond the few blocks where Black Lives Mantifa is congregating on a given night:

Due to the threats of violence and destruction, approximately 30 patrol officers had to be pulled from the precincts. That severely limited response to calls for service. By the end of the evening, over 100 calls for service were holding in the city of Portland, including a priority disturbance, a priority assault, a priority burglary to an occupied apartment, welfare checks, threats, and roadway hazards.

Just something to keep in mind when Brian Stelter tries to argue that this isn’t having much impact on the city.

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