Portland BLM group wants everyone to wake up (and to vote for Biden)

Some people take things too literally. In Portland last night a group of woke BLM supporters marched through residential streets doing their best to wake up entire neighborhoods. The group used bullhorns, car horns and shouted, “Wake up, mother****ers, wake up!” while some pointed flashlights at the windows of houses. It started after the marchers made a visit to the Portland Police Association building:

A few minutes later they were on the move, shouting about waking everyone in the neighborhood. At this point they still appear to be on a street that is at least partly commercial, i.e. a mix of businesses and homes.

But a few minutes later they are clearly in a residential neighborhood and the shouting continued:

I’m sure all of the people living in these homes appreciated this, especially the ones with sleeping children. But as tempted as I am to feel sorry for these homeowners, I wonder how many of them support these nightly disturbances and how many voted for the pro-BLM, pro-Antifa mayor. Kind of hard to complain about this now.

I do wonder what these kids think they’re accomplishing though. I guess they are getting some attention but that’s about it. My guess is this only makes most people slightly less inclined to support them.

After all the shouting the leadership in the back of the pickup asked people for donations and that they get “more angry everyday.”

And then they endorsed Joe Biden: “I know Joe Biden f***ing sucks, but vote for him, please, please, please.”

After the endorsement, the organizer gave a strange thank you to white allies saying “When you see a white person that’s on your side it’s a very relieving feeling.” But she added, “So thank you allies but still f**k your white feelings. We can still be friends but your job isn’t to really speak. Your job is to protect me and tell other people why you need to protect other black lives.”

After the PDX Black Youth Movement protest wrapped up, some Antifa people showed up at the Portland ICE facility and vandalized it:

Eventually the federal officers came out and pushed the crowd back:

The crowd kept coming back and eventually teargas was used:

Then the officers went back inside:

And immediately the protesters tried to get them to come back out:

It looks like it was the Portland police, not the feds, who eventually pushed the Antifa crowd out:

And that seems to be it for the night. So the tally so far this week is:

  • Tuesday night a riot was declared.
  • Wednesday night a riot was declared.
  • Thursday night police declared an unlawful assembly at the ICE detention center.

This is what passes for improvement in Portland.