Seattle police officer to BLM activist: 'I’m leaving. You guys won!' (plus weekend violence roundup)

This exchange was apparently filmed on Saturday. A Seattle cop pulled up to someone on the street and had an exchange with a BLM activist. From the New York Post:

“Having a good day, bud?” the officer asks the man from the passenger side window after pulling up in his patrol car.

“Not really, you’re around,” the activist replies.

“I’m sorry for that, but don’t worry, man, because guess what? I’m leaving. You guys won! Two months, baby. I’m out!” the officer says.

The officer added, “I’m f**kin gone, bro.” When the activist asked how he was feeling the officer replied “I’m feeling great.” The activist asks if he’s leaving because he’s “tired of police brutality.” The officer replies that it’s because of BLM.

Something happens in the road and the officer pulls up and then gets out to talk to someone but we don’t see what is happening because the camera never pans over to show us. While the officer is out of his car the activists yells to fellow activists what the officer has just told him.

At this point, the guy filming asks, “Are you triggered boy? Oink, oink.”

The officer responds sarcastically,”I like you. Let’s be friends.” The activist shouts that they’ll never be friends as the officer starts to pull away.

If you’re wondering why this officer is resigning all you have to do is look at what happened in Seattle over the weekend. Several police officers were injured the same day in the area of Cal Anderson Park near the former CHAZ/CHOP.

On Saturday, at around 4:30 PM, officers responded to a report of a man breaking the windows of a business and church near 11th Avenue and East Olive Street. The man used a rock to break the windows, and the damage was extensive. Officers arrived, spoke with the complainant, and located the male suspect nearby in Cal Anderson Park.

As officers contacted the man, a large crowd surrounded the officers as they escorted him out of the park. The suspect then collapsed on the ground. Officers attempted to render medical aid and Seattle Fire was called to the scene. As this was occurring, a man who was known to officers from previous contacts began assaulting officers and inciting the crowd. The crowd then converged on officers. Officers requested additional units to the scene and eventually a “Help the Officer” call was broadcast over the radio. Additional officers responded to the scene until order was restored…

A total of four officers were assaulted during the incident. The Seattle Police Department continues to investigate this incident.

Some of the incident Saturday was caught on video (lots of NSFW language in these).

That was Saturday. On Sunday, police declared a riot and eighteen people were arrested. Several more officers were injured.

Police said the march, which began in Seattle’s International District around 7 p.m., started peacefully with about 100 protesters accompanied by vehicles following behind with the group, which was headed toward Seattle’s police officer union building. Then “shortly after 10 p.m., someone in the crowd set off a large explosive and attempted to break out a police vehicle window,” police said.

Protesters then began throwing rocks, bottles, and explosives at officers, police said. Video from CNN affiliate KIRO shows what appears to be fireworks exploding near officers as police attempted to disperse the crowd. Officers used pepper spray and blast balls to disperse the demonstrators, police said. KIRO reported that the protest ended around 11:30 p.m.

At least three officers were injured, some struck with explosives and rocks, police said.

Here’s some video of Sunday night’s riot. Note that the focus of this riot was the Seattle Police Officer’s Guild so it’s being referred to as an anti-SPOG rally:

Finally, here’s a local news report on last night’s violence. Who can blame police for wanting to leave.