There was rioting in Washington, DC Thursday night, 41 arrested

This doesn’t seem to be getting as much attention as the nightly activity in Portland and Seattle but protests in Washington, DC got destructive last night and 41 people were arrested:


D.C. police cordoned off a large section of Adams Morgan for hours late Thursday and early Friday and arrested 41 people. Two officers were injured.

A video shot by a protester shows Metropolitan Police Department officers pinning a man to the ground, and a man told News4 that officers used pepper spray on him.

Thirty-eight of the people arrested face felony riot act charges. Another three people are accused of assaulting an officer.

DC police said they only arrested people who were “engaged in rioting behaviors.”

The police also posted some photos of damage done in the area:

Here’s video of one of the arrests last night along with some photos of the scene.


Townhall reporter Julio Rosas had video of protesters trying to block a police van containing people who’d been arrested as it attempted to leave the scene. These people are putting their bikes (and themselves) in front of the van and then screaming at the police who are pushing them back out of the way.

This appears to be another angle on the same incident:

Rosas also highlighted a couple of other moments from last night. The first involved a black man who got in an argument with protesters after he defended the police. “They protect us,” the man said.

“They gotta go,” a protester replied.

This argument is pretty interesting because the protester (in the “hustle” shirt) is arguing that police violence is the priority while the other man argues that it’s not primarily police who kill people. “People kill people,” he said. The protester replied, “I understand that but we’ve got to take care of this first and then we can handle that.”


You can get with this or you can get with that.

The obvious problem with this argument is that crime, including murder, is already on the rise around the country as police are pulling back. So you can’t defund or disband police and then deal with crime by everyone else later. It doesn’t work that way. It’s making the situation worse and the guy in the ball cap is absolutely right about that.

The second clip below involves a black resident who thinks the protests are doing more harm than good.

Update: There’s a small crowd cheering as those who were arrested last night are released.

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