Seattle: Vandals with baseball bats leave a trail of destruction, 12 officers injured

Seattle: Vandals with baseball bats leave a trail of destruction, 12 officers injured

It seems like Seattle anarchists are tired of Portland getting all of the attention. Sunday, a group of several hundred, some carrying baseball bats, split off from an ongoing protest march and left a trail of destruction.

When they reached the West Precinct, members of the group threw rocks and fireworks at police, 12 of whom were injured. This view from above shows some of the fireworks going off.

This appears to be ground level from the same area.

According to Seattle PD, here’s what happened at the West Precinct.

The group eventually made it to the West Precinct and some individuals attempted to break into the building. Protesters threw rocks and bottles at the officers who were outside defending the precinct. An unknown person or persons threw multiple large mortar-type fireworks at officers from a close range. Multiple officers were injured by the fireworks thrown at them. Two of the officers suffered lacerations and abrasion injuries while a third officer sustained burns to his neck area and needed to be treated by the Seattle Fire Department. He was later transported to the hospital. A total of twelve officers were injured. Blast balls and pepper spray were used to stop the assault on officers. Officers arrested two individuals, one for assault and the other for theft.

One of the targets of the vandals yesterday was an Amazon Go store. As you can see in the 2nd clip below, members of the mob go for the windows, other participants scout the periphery to make sure no one is filming. This is standard procedure for these groups to make sure the people responsible can’t be identified later by police.

A Walgreens store was also vandalized and looted (2nd clip below):

Another target of the mob was Starbucks.

It appears they vandalized more than one store. This one is closer to Cal Anderson Park.

The targeting of Starbucks wasn’t accidental. Protesters have recently called for a boycott of the chain because it donated to the Seattle Police Foundation. This clip is from just a few days before the riot on Sunday.

But near he end of this moving riot the group headed to the East Precinct which was the same precinct that was at the center of CHAZ/CHOP a few weeks ago. This is video from inside that precinct of rioters breaking in.

Finally, this local news report from yesterday afternoon shows police cleaning up the broken glass at the East Precinct. Someone apparently threw a firework inside and started a small fire inside but it was put out. There is currently one man facing federal charges for trying to set this same precinct on fire.

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