Strange scenes from today's White House BLM protest

Protesters tried and failed to set up an autonomous zone in Washington, DC last night, similar to the one in Seattle. They also tried and failed to pull down a statue of Andrew Jackson near the White House.


Police intervened and prevented the statue from being pulled down. They used pepper spray and the situation got pretty tense at times:

The protesters failed but they didn’t go away. Today police cleared out protesters who had set up a camp near the White House. No one seems to be getting arrested and there wasn’t any violence, but everyone had to move.

Barriers and fences are now going back up around Lafayette Square to keep protesters from returning.


Police are standing in the street to keep people out and that has resulted in some interesting scenes on a Tuesday afternoon in DC. The Daily Caller’s Henry Rodgers was out in the midst of it filming what he saw:

This guy wants the black police officers to tell their white, female colleague she’s racist for wearing a thin blue line face mask. They don’t seem to agree with him.

I have no idea what is happening in this one:

And then this guy in women’s underwear rolls up on a Segway and starts a fight with other protesters.

This person then ran through the street toward Eleanor Holmes Norton who was giving an interview to Andrea Mitchell:


Did you catch Norton’s response?

There was some more chaos.

Somehow this officer wound up in a bush.

And no BLM protest would be complete without protesters calling for harm to come to police officers. In this case, poisoning them.

More berating of the officers who are standing there silently.

Rogers asked the woman why she was yelling at black officers. She goes on a rant about how “just because they’re black doesn’t mean they are not a part of the problem.”

I’ve watched so many far-left protest videos over the past ten years. The police are almost always the focus of abuse and black officers in particular get the worst of it because they are treated as traitors to the cause. Here’s an example of this from last year. Occupy ICE protesters in Portland were caught on video shouting racial abuse at black officers. I saw the same thing at Occupy protests back in 2011. The left hates the police but it especially hates black police officers. I honestly don’t know how the officers on the receiving end of this abuse can take it without losing their cool. Guy Benson sort of sums it up:


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