Complete anarchy: Looting, shooting and chaos on the streets

Ed already wrote about what happened last night in New York City but I wanted to create a companion to his story to include some of the dozens of videos showing the looting, arson, vandalism, and attacks on police officers which took place around the country last night. It’s one thing to read about it but it’s something else to actually see what one reporter called “complete anarchy” break out in the major American cities.


To be clear, these were not a few random individuals acting badly, at least not in New York City. These were organized gangs who were on the street for only one reason: To break in and steal as much as they could get their hands on using the protests as a kind of cover for their activity.

The best on-scene reporting I saw last night came from this Daily Beast reporter who saw it all unfold before her eyes. It started when the march of actual protesters turned one way and the looters took a different route.


Again, this appeared pre-planned and organized.

The NYPD were no where in sight.

Many of the looters started arriving in cars.

Other people were witnessing the same thing. The looters arrived with crowbars to remove plywood so they could get to the glass behind it.


One of the dozens of people looting the store got arrested.

As police would control one scene and make a few arrests, the looters were on to their next target:

Here’s the FootLocker:

Best Buy also got hit.


Looters arriving in SUVs:

The Daily Beast reporter described the scene as “complete anarchy.”

Some of the looters were still trying to make some loose connection to George Floyd.

Meanwhile, looting was happening in other cities too, though it never got as out of control as it did in New York:


And in St. Louis, where four police officers were shot last night, the looting turned to arson:

It happened in Chicago too, where two looters were found hiding in a liquor store hours later when the owners were trying to clean up.

The violence went far beyond property damage last night. In Buffalo, someone drove through a group of police officers, one of whom went under the car. He has a broken leg and a shattered pelvis but is expected to live. The car was stopped and the driver has been arrested:

And in New York City, another officer was hit by a speeding car and thrown into the air. Incredibly, he is expected to survive. The people responsible for this have not been caught.


In Las Vegas, an officer was shot in the head, apparently while trying to arrest a suspect from a crowd that was throwing rocks and bottles at police. That officer is now on life support. The suspect was arrested.

And as Ed mentioned earlier, at least four officers were shot in St. Louis. And that’s still not the end of it. Police officer and business owners also shot several looting suspects last night:

  • Another officer in St. Louis shot a looting suspect after being shot at.
  • In Hayward, CA police shot a man last night after responding to a looting call.
  • There was a similar police shooting of a looter in Vallejo, CA, north of San Francisco.
  • In Philadelphia an alleged looter was shot and killed after he tried to break into a firing range.

I’ve seen plenty of people on Twitter in the last few days making the case that property destruction doesn’t matter that much in comparison to the value of human life. If you believe that then you should support putting an immediate end to the looting and chaos we saw last night which has already resulted in deaths and serious injuries around the country of both police officers and looters. This has to end now before more people are hurt or killed.

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