Protesters at CNN Center in Atlanta vandalize logo, break glass, set police car on fire (Update: Standoff in the lobby)

Well, the good news is that no matter what happens here, CNN’s Don Lemon will probably defend it. So the protesters/rioters have that going for them.

According to local news coverage which I’m watching as I write this, protesters are throwing objects to break the glass at the front of the building. It appears the goal is to  to get inside but no one really seems to know. For the moment, the crowd is just hanging around, vandalizing the CNN logo and throwing things at the police.

But let’s roll back a bit and see how this developed over the past hour or so. Since this is CNN’s headquarters, they had a reporter on hand to cover it.

I really want to know if CNN called the police, but SWAT rolled in.

People started throwing things at SWAT.

More protesters and more SWAT units arrived. The protesters/rioters started vandalizing the logo out front.

They burned a flag.

Then they started breaking glass again.

SWAT officers moved between the mob and the building.

More broken glass, but then protesters decided to attack some police cars while the crowd cheered them on.

Here’s what that looked and sounded like up close.

Police are now pushing the rioters out.

Someone set one of the police cars on fire.

Here’s CNN’s on-air coverage of the riot at their own headquarters.

Will be the end of this? It’s not even dark yet. I guess we’ll see if the protesters return later or move on to another target. The real mystery is why they picked CNN at all. As networks go, CNN’s coverage has been pretty friendly to the protesters, hasn’t it?

Update: This is definitely not over. Protesters are standing outside the broken windows of CNN Center throwing objects at cops who are forming a line inside the lobby of the building. CNN reporter Nick Valencia, who you saw in that clip above, is covering the standoff.

At one point in this clip, someone throws a firework inside and it explodes at the feet of the officers. Valencia actually said “Sh*t!” on air in reaction. This is the most pro-police CNN will ever be.

Throwing objects including incendiary devices at the police is not vandalism. Here’s the next portion of that segment where the firework went off. Valencia and his crew have retreated and Chris Cuomo is explaining what’s happening.

Update: The Mayor of Atlanta is as surprised as everyone else that the rioters are attacking CNN.

A good point…

This guy is a rapper called Killer Mike.

Lots of people asking ‘Why CNN?’ But why attack any of the places that have been looted/vandalized/burned down? What did Target do?

Update: Some of the damage.

Update: Here’s the mayor, sounding emotional over what is happening. “When Dr. King was assassinated, we didn’t do this to our city.” (I’m replacing the previous clip with a longer version of the same speech.)

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