MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace: 'The right is running a smear campaign against Joe Biden'

One day after the hashtag #FireChrisHayes was trending online because the MSNBC host dared to give any time to Tara Reade’s story, guest host Nicolle Wallace is telling the network’s viewers that “the right” doesn’t care about the truth. In fact, she said the “right is running a smear campaign against Joe Biden.” I hope that somewhere Justice Kavanaugh is laughing heartily at the idea Joe Biden is having a tough time of it. Here’s the short version:

The set up for this is 9-minute-long segment discussing the allegations against Biden and his response this morning. Al Sharpton was quick to suggest that if Republicans try to politicize this, it would wind up looking bad for President Trump. Andrea Mitchell chimed with an excuse for the media coverage thus far, saying the allegation hasn’t gotten much coverage because the Biden campaign isn’t out campaigning. She conveniently overlooked the dozen or so interviews Joe Biden has done in the last few weeks, including one on Morning Joe which took place several days after the NY Times and Washington Post published stories about the Reade allegations.

Mitchell went on to point out that Biden was very out front when it came to championing allegations by Christine Blasey Ford. “And now the Trump campaign is going after him, Don Jr. and the campaign and Kellyanne Conway, saying ‘this is, you know, a double standard, you’re a hypocrite.’ She then rambled on about credible allegations against Trump, pushing aside the point about the obvious double-standards exhibited by numerous Democrats and women’s groups in this case.

That’s when Nicolle Wallace got worked up with her claim that the right doesn’t care about the truth of Tara Reade’s allegations. Again, her network hasn’t touched this until a few days ago and even then it was met with open hostility. But it’s the right that doesn’t care about the truth?

But that’s not even the dumbest part of what she said. The dumbest part is her calling this a “smear campaign” when it’s obvious to almost everyone outside the MSNBC bubble that Joe Biden has thus far been treated with the softest of kid gloves compared to what Brett Kavanaugh experienced 18 months ago at the hands of Democrats who demanded that a woman’s allegation take precedence over his political ambitions. If what we’re seeing now is a smear campaign with no regard for the truth, what the hell was that in 2018?

According to Wallace, Democrats are trying “to have some consistency around statements that I think just about every elected Democrat has made about women in the context of the MeToo movement.”

They may be trying, but they definitely aren’t succeeding. And that’s really the point here. We’ve been told since Kavanaugh how these allegations are supposed to be handled and that’s not at all how the Democrats and the media have been handling this. There have been several stories about women struggling with that fact. It’s not even really a secret that what we’re seeing now is a very different script.

And yet, after weeks of media silence, endorsements of Biden by top Democrats and studied silence from women’s groups aligned with the Democratic party, Nicolle Wallace thinks the banner headline is that Republicans are naked partisans with no regard for the truth.

It’s really just stunning. I think John Ekdahl summed up my feelings watching some of this play out over the last few days.

The full segment doesn’t appear to be on YouTube but Mediatie published it here, so you can click over to get the full context.