Alyssa Milano: We should believe women but not at the expense of 'giving men their due process' (Update)

The backstory here is that actress Alyssa Milano is the person credited with helping to popularize the pre-existing #MeToo hashtag when she retweeted it back in 2017. Since then she has become a vocal presence on Twitter often tweeting about the need to believe women. She was particularly active in supporting Dr. Christine Blasey Ford during the Kavanaugh confirmation. She was a guest of Sen. Feinstein at those hearings in September 2018 and left no doubt who she believed:

Milano also wrote a piece for Vox at the time saying that it would be very wrong to put an “alleged abuser’s career” over believing women:

The lives of survivors will always be more important than Brett Kavanaugh’s career…

So let me be as clear as possible: I believe Christine Blasey Ford, and I demand that our senators vote to reject Brett Kavanaugh as the next justice on the Supreme Court. Every person who refuses to loudly and openly reject Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination is telling every generation of Americans that an alleged abuser’s career is more valuable than a survivor’s humanity. And the highest court in our land is no place for an alleged sexual offender to sit.

To every survivor reading this, know that I am here with you. Know that I see you. I believe you. I am you. And know that we will do whatever we can to stop Brett Kavanaugh from serving on the Supreme Court of our United States.

So last year when a woman named Lucy Flores accused Joe Biden of kissing her on the head, some people wondered why Milano seemed to be supporting Biden rather than the alleged victim. Milano responded on Twitter that the incident described by Flores was nothing like the one described by Dr. Blasey Ford:

More recently, a woman named Tara Reade claimed that Biden pushed her against a wall and put his hand down her skirt. Since those allegations were made, Alyssa Milano has remained quiet. She is supporting Biden in the 2020 election. Some Bernie Bros began pressing Milano to explain her silence to the point that she was a trending topic on Twitter over the weekend. Now Milano is explaining that while she thinks we should believe women she also wants to make sure men get due process.

“I believe that even though we should believe women and that is an important thing,” she said on a radio show. She continued, “And what that statement really means is that for so long the go to has been not to believe them. So we have to sort of societally change that mindset to believing women. But that does not mean at the expense of not, you know, giving men their due process and investigating situations.

“It’s gotta be fair in both directions.”

Milano went on to say she had done her “due diligence” saying what stood out to her was that “Time Up” decided not to take the case. “I just don’t feel comfortable throwing away a decent man that I’ve known for 15 years in this time of complete chaos without their being a thorough investigation.”

Again, I’ll direct your attention to Milano’s statement in Vox about putting “an alleged abuser’s career is more valuable than a survivor’s humanity.” What she is saying now is exactly the opposite.

Milano pointed to further evidence that caused her to doubt Reade’s story: “I’m sure the mainstream media would be jumping all over this as well if…if they found more evidence.” This is also the opposite of what she wrote in 2018: “I’ve watched, horrified, as politicians and pundits refused to believe or take seriously these allegations.” Milano has gone from saying the disbelief of pundits is painful to her to saying that if the claim was credible the media would be covering it more.

Milano said the Bernie Bros on Twitter were “calling me hypocritical and calling me a fake feminist.” Well, for once the Bernie Bros. have nailed it. Milano is saying the exact opposite of what she has said in the past because this time the accused is a politician she supports.

“I sent the MeToo tweet over two years ago, you know I never thought it was going to be something that would destroy innocent men,” she said. But there is evidence that innocent men have been destroyed because of a lack of due process in college sexual harassment cases.

In a tweet, Milano even added, “There is something to the idea that people are going to weaponize #metoo for political gain.” Talk about a tone-deaf statement. Yes, we know people are going to weaponize it, Alyssa, we watched you do it.

Bottom line, she doesn’t believe Tara Reade and doesn’t want anyone else to believe her either. She supports #MeToo when it’s aimed at Republicans, not when it’s aimed at her guy Joe Biden. Here’s the portion of her interview which she is promoting as her explanation for why she isn’t saying anything about Biden’s accuser.

Update: Rose McGowan is not holding back, calling Milano a “fraud.”