Supercut: The Mortal Kombat primary

With Warren’s departure from the field this is basically a two man race. I know, I know. Gabbard hasn’t dropped out yet but unless both of the other candidates have serious health issues her chances are less than slim. In any case, I’m a sucker for anything arcade related so this supercut of Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders as characters in a Mortal Kombat game worked for me. I actually laughed out loud before the end of this.

Some have already framed this primary as a choice between senility and socialism and this clip suggests there’s some truth to that. Sanders is definitely a socialist, no matter how many times people claim otherwise. As for Biden, I don’t think he’s senile but he’s clearly not at the peak of his powers. The number of cringe-worthy gaffes keeps growing. Indeed, the clip above doesn’t include the most recent example.

My only real quibble with this clip is that the “Fatality!” announcement seems to come at the end for Joe Biden when he fails to recall the Declaration of Independence. In reality, Biden is riding high at the moment. It’s Bernie Sanders who suddenly looks vulnerable and likely to be knocked out of the race. But why quibble when you can sit back and enjoy the spectacle.

To switch metaphors, watching the Democratic primary is a lot like the recent string of Star Wars movies. After months of build up, the hopes of millions are dashed by an unpleasant reality: The product is inexplicably terrible. That is followed by lots of pointless bickering and the desperate hope that things will improve in the next installment. But the truth is, it’s been awful for a long time and it’s going to keep being awful. Despite this, fans will keep pouring money and adulation at Darth Castro and Obi-Joe Kenobi so the show will go on.