Man who drove through GOP voter registration tent did it to 'take a stand' against Trump

Yesterday I wrote about Gregory Timm, the 27-year-old man who drove his van though a GOP voter registration tent set up in a Florida parking lot last weekend. There were six volunteers staffing the tent at the time and two of them had to move quickly out of the way to avoid being hit. Timm was arrested a few hours after the incident at his home but, as of yesterday, police still hadn’t revealed what motivated him. Today, the police report has been released and it makes it very clear what motivated Timm was animosity toward the president:

According to JSO investigators who tracked him down, Timm admitted to purposefully driving into the tent because “someone had to take a stand.”

Timm told investigators he saw the registration tent after he went to pick up food and cigarettes and a nearby Walmart, according to JSO.

He then showed investigators a video he recorded while driving towards the tent, according to JSO, but the video cut out before he hit the tent. According to the report, Timm said he was upset that the video ended before “the good part.”…

The suspect told investigators he does not like President Trump and that was part of the reason he wanted to run over the tent, according to the arrest report.

Timm told the officers who arrested him that the registration tent was, “like someone sh**ting on your grave.” Politico has published the full police report which you can read here.

This isn’t much of a surprise. What else could have motivated someone to drive through a registration tent plastered with Trump’s name. The police clearly had this information almost immediately. And yet, as of yesterday, they refused to say anything about Timm’s motive in the case.

Timm apparently claimed he wasn’t trying to hurt anyone but an eyewitness claimed he missed hitting some of the volunteers by less than a foot as they quickly moved out of his way. He deserves to have the book thrown at him for this stunt. And it’s worth noting that he recorded the entire thing, before and after, on his phone. Timm clearly thought this was something he’d want to share with others who would approve of what he’d done.

Finally, this story is getting some media attention (Politico has done 2 stories, the Post covered it yesterday) but when I wrote about it yesterday I suggested maybe one reason the media’s reaction had been a bit tepid was that the police hadn’t made clear his motive. Now that the police have done that, albeit belatedly, this incident ought to get some serious attention from media outlets that are usually very interested in acts of political violence.