Milwaukee woman says she was fired for posting pro-Trump messages on Facebook

Robyn Polak worked as a dental assistant at Precision Dental MKE in Milwaukee until this week. She claims she was fired because someone was offended by pro-Trump messages she posted on social media in her off-hours:


Robyn Polak, 35, of South Milwaukee, posted an article from the conservative Daily Wire website praising Trump on Facebook Monday along with a caption saying how “extremely lucky” Americans were to have such an “amazing” commander-in-chief.

“I don’t care what anyone says!” wrote Polak, who works as a dental assistant.

A day later, Polak attended Trump’s rally in Milwaukee and wrote “MAGA 2020,” again showing her allegiance to Trump…

Those posts motivated a man to post a negative review on her employer’s Facebook page, saying that workers at Precision Dental MKE in Milwaukee should not be “spouting racist comments on Facebook,” according to a screenshot posted by Polak.

The company noticed the comment and at that point, Polak said she got a call telling her she was fired:

The “Precision Dental MKE” account responded to the review.

“I am so very sorry to have learned that this was posted. We are handling the situation in-house as we speak. I assure you that this office does not share those beliefs,” the response said.

Polak said “handling it in-house” meant she got fired over the phone.

“I was taking my son to speech class, doing errands and my boss called and said, ‘We need to terminate you,’ ” Polak said. “The office manager said it was for the review they got on their Facebook (page), but my name wasn’t on there. They assumed it was me because I’m the only Republican in that office.”


WDJT in Milwaukee covered the story yesterday but pointed out that some of Polak’s social media posts went beyond positive MAGA messages:

Many of her comments Polak shared with CBS 58 included the slogan “Make America Great Again.”

Others are more colorful, like a meme implying that Barack Obama is the leader of ISIS.

“Do I feel like Obama was the leader of ISIS? Absolutely not,” Polak said. “It’s my freedom of speech. At the end of the day it’s my right to defend how I believe.”

It sounds as if Polak engaged in a bit of trolling. A lot of people on the left and the right share trolling memes because they find them funny, not because they believe they are true. It’s not clear if the person who left the message on her employer’s site ever saw that particular message but even if he did it’s still a leap from being annoyed by a troll to contacting that person’s employer in public. Ultimately though it’s the employer that chose to fire her over this.

Polak has started a gofundme page to raise money for a lawyer and to help her financially until she finds a new job. Her former employers are denying she was fired for her political views expressed off hours saying “no employee has ever been terminated for their political beliefs or their support or opposition of the President or any political candidate.” The company’s site has been review-bombed by people angry about the firing and is currently hidden behind a privacy page that requires a login.


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