Washington Post: A Republican altered a photo of Nancy Pelosi!

Breaking news from the Washington Post:

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) tweeted a petition and fundraising appeal that included what appeared to be an altered photo of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, drawing a retweet Thursday morning from President Trump.


The tweet marks the second time this week that a House Republican has tweeted a photo that appears to have been manipulated…

The tweet shows a close-up, red-tinted photo of Pelosi, with the lines in the House speaker’s face exaggerated due to the image’s unnaturally high contrast.

Here’s the nefarious tweet:

If you follow the link there’s a fuller version of the same photo at the site:

That’s clearly tinted and the contrast is ramped up but it’s a real photo. In fact, I was able to find the original in a couple minutes:

And by playing with the contrast and color in Photoshop I produced this from the original photo in 10 minutes. Not exactly right, but it’s in the ballpark:

So that’s where this came from but the bigger question is whether or not this is at all newsworthy. The answer to that question appears to be no, at least it wasn’t newsworthy when Pelosi herself did it. Stephen Miller quickly found an altered photo of Mitch McConnell in Pelosi’s timeline:

And these photos of President Trump appear to have been similarly altered. You can see every wrinkle in his face because the contrast has been ramped up.

In this one Trump’s face is yellow and there are magenta blotches in his hair and on his collar:

Is Brett Kavanaugh usually this pink? Notice the off-angle stripes across his face which were added through some sort of filter:

They really went all out with this next one. President Trump as a pink zebra:

Here’s one of Sen. Corker:

Rep. Mark Sanford with added contrast and a filter for tint:

Pretty sure this image of Paul Ryan has been altered. Maybe the Post can check.

Sec. Betsy DeVos got similar treatment:

And if the Washington Post is concerned about manipulated images of political figures, they might want to ask Pelosi about this (she posted this clip twice):

I guess the Post reporter wasn’t aware of all these altered images on Pelosi’s own account when she wrote a story about a GOP Rep. altering a photo of Pelosi. In fact, Pelosi has a much higher profile and nearly twice as many followers as Stefanik on Twitter, so why didn’t the Post notice? I guess you could say there’s a high contrast in how the Post responds to Democrats vs. Republicans. Maybe Jeff Bezos or someone working for him should take an interest in that.


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