Porch pirates vs. fart-spray-glitter-bomb 2.0

Porch pirates continue to steal millions of packages every year, especially around the holidays. For the most part, they get away with it because the police don’t have time to track down the thieves even if the rightful owners have video of the crime. There’s a report out today about one thief who was so smug he left a thank you note on the victim’s porch:

The handwritten message was colder than a frigid Minnesota morning:

“So just a quick little thank you for leaving me the (opportunity) of stealing your package,” the thief wrote. “Very nice of you. Thank you.”

The porch pirate signed the note, “The new owner of your package.”

If only there were some way to make porch pirates pay a price for their behavior.

Last December, engineer Mark Rober became internet famous after he created a fart-spray-glitter-bomb using high-tech components. He set the bait package outside to surprise the next unsuspecting thief. His YouTube video, which I wrote about last December, has been viewed more than 77 million times in the past year. Yesterday, Rober produced a sequel titled “Porch Pirate vs. Glitter Bomb Trap 2.0.”

The concept here is the same as last year: Create a bait package which contains multiple cell phone cameras, plus the ability to dispense a pound of fine glitter and an ample amount of fart spray the moment the package is opened. But this time Rober has had a full year to perfect his creation. The new bait package looks similar but Rober has doubled down on the fart spray, not only adding a second dispenser bottle but finding a spray that appears to be significantly stinkier than last year. He also added some sound effects including police scanner chatter and a countdown to zero that had some of the thieves worried.

Having more time also allowed Rober to create more bait packages, so this year he was able to send ten of them to people around the country who he interviewed and selected for the job. As you’ll see, one of these people turned out to be a scammer who ghosted Rober after receiving the bait package. Of all the people to try to scam, why would you pick the guy who is famous for seeking revenge in extravagant ways? Rober’s response to the scammer is one of the funniest parts of the video.

This year Rober also has a celebrity guest who appears at the beginning of the clip. If you remember who helped to inspire last year’s video you might be able to guess who it is.

Overall, this clip suffers from some of the problems common to all sequels but it’s still a lot of fun to see instant karma come for a few of the creeps who think it’s okay to steal from people. It’s a shame this one-man effort is the only payback that most porch-pirates will ever get.