Chris Hayes pointed out Corbyn ran as a far left candidate, the left was not pleased

Look, I get it. There are some things the number two progressive talking head on MSNBC shouldn’t say and this is clearly one of them. After what exit-polls suggest could be a historic defeat for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, Chris Hayes pointed out that Corbyn could not be faulted for holding back. He ran as a democratic socialist candidate interested in nationalizing industries and raising taxes to cover all sorts of new spending priorities from increasing the NHS budget to putting people to work on green energy projects. And yet, he appears to have lost in a blowout.

It wasn’t hard to grasp what Hayes was suggesting. Every time a moderate Democrat loses an election, the left points to it as an example of why the party should move far left. That’s how Josh Kraushaar read it too:

But Hayes quickly began to backtrack:

And it’s not hard to see why because he was getting feedback like this:

Pretty quickly he was RTing his own critics who were busy making excuses for why Corbyn was a special case:

But the critics were not mollified by his RTs:

And soon enough Hayes repented:

I denounce myself!

Naturally, that didn’t satisfy the critics:

For a brief moment, he was on the wrong side of history:

A few people argued that Hayes had been right in the first place but the responses to those folks brought the discussion full circle, right back to the idea that moving far left is a winning strategy:

Honestly, I think Hayes did have a point which is why so many socialists reacted like they’d been stung. Put it this way, if Corbyn had pulled out a surprise win tonight, there would be plenty of people on the left saying ‘See, what did I tell you! We just need to go hard left and magic will happen.’ There would have been a whole bunch of think pieces out tomorrow arguing that Corbyn and Justin Trudeau were a sign that the lights were dimming on President Trump’s chances in 2020.

But as it stands, we’re apparently not allowed to draw conclusions about the limits of the far left. That’s actually fine with me because I think that philosophy has already damaged the Democrats this cycle and will likely continue to do so. I get it, they went with the establishment last time and lost, but if they think nominating Sanders is the solution this time around they are kidding themselves.