Justice Kavanaugh is speaking at a Federalist Society dinner and the left is protesting

Justice Kavanaugh is speaking at a Federalist Society dinner tonight, his first public speech since his confirmation:

Kavanaugh, President Trump’s second appointment to the nation’s highest court, is set to speak before a friendly audience at the conservative Federalist Society’s annual lawyers convention. According to the justice’s request, the event will not be broadcast and no video cameras will be permitted, but media will be covering the event. He will speak at 9:30 p.m.

It will be Kavanaugh’s first major speech and public appearance since his widely watched appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee in September of last year.

You can probably guess how the left is reacting. If you guessed a Christine Ford jumbotron and women in Handmaid’s Tale outfits, collect your winnings!

It’s really a shame someone can’t hack that screen to play Julie Swetnick’s car crash interview on NBC News. Maybe that would remind some of the protesters that the allegations against Kavanaugh weren’t confirmed (including Ford’s). And of course there must be the requisite chanting of “Hey, hey, ho, ho…” mandated by the protesters union:

Plenty of progressive media types seem thrilled with the protest:

One of the points of outrage about this dinner is that Facebook is one of the donors. Actress Alyssa Milano put out the red-alert this morning:

And Debra Messing is “SICKENED” in all caps, which lets you know its really bad:

NARAL is also outraged:

Even Elizabeth Warren jumped on the outrage bandwagon:

Last month I wrote about Slate’s court reporter who said she hadn’t returned to the Supreme Court since Kavanaugh was confirmed. She vowed not to get over being upset about it (while simultaneously claiming she doesn’t know if he’s guilty of anything). So it seems the left is looking to continue this sort of protest for some time to come. What’s the strategy here exactly? I’m not sure what they hope to accomplish, practically speaking, but this speculation from Mark Hemingway makes a lot of sense.

With Justice Ginsburg out sick yesterday and the real possibility that Trump could win reelection next year and crush any hope of progressive appointments to SCOTUS in the near future, the left must be feeling pretty worried. Getting their people worked up about Kavanaugh and the Federalist Society now might be a way to prepare the ground for the battle to come.