Arizona progressives want to censure Sen. Kyrsten Sinema for being too centrist

Arizona progressives want to censure Sen. Kyrsten Sinema for being too centrist

Senator Kyrsten Sinema is in trouble with the progressives in her own party. The progressive caucus has submitted a censure resolution to be considered at a state Democratic committee meeting this Saturday. From ABC 15:

Sinema is specifically targeted in the resolution for her confirmation vote of President Donald Trump’s Attorney General nominee William Barr, in which she was one of only three Democratic senators to vote to confirm Barr. The Progressives are also upset with her decision not to co-sponsor the “Save the Internet Act,” a bill that would have repealed recent rules by the FCC that removed Obama era net neutrality protections…

Sinema is often seen as one of the most moderate members of the U.S. Senate. She is one of two Democrats in the Senate that have sided with Trump on more than 50% of votes held in the Senate. The other is Joe Manchin of West Virginia, a state Donald Trump won by over 40 points. Arizona, by contrast, went for Donald Trump by a margin of less than 4 points.

Sen. Sinema’s spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment from the Arizona Republic but a spokesman for Progressive Democrats of America said this was an attempt to force Sinema to the left:

Dan O’Neal, the state coordinator for Progressive Democrats of America, told The Arizona Republic the censure is intended to encourage Sinema to move back toward the left, where her political career began.

“Here’s the thing: We really support Kyrsten Sinema, we want her to succeed, we want her to be the best senator in the country,” O’Neal said. “But the way she is voting is really disappointing. We want Democrats to vote like Democrats and not Republicans. “

You can read the 1 1/2 page resolution here. It will go the resolutions committee this Saturday who will then decide if it even makes it to the floor. So this might go nowhere or it could turn into a floor vote, one that progressives may still lose. However the resolution itself works out, we’ll have to wait and see if this results in Sinema becoming more progressive.

This ABC 15 clip argues that Sinema is turning out to be the left’s John McCain, i.e. someone whose moderate stance really irritates people in her own party.

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