The Complete Evergreen Story ep. 12: 'F**k the police'

The Complete Evergreen Story ep. 12: 'F**k the police'

If you’re just joining us, here’s what has happened so far on the Complete Evergreen Story. A group of agitated student protesters went to biology professor Bret Weinstein’s classroom and demanded his resignation. That protest had its genesis in an equity campaign at the school to which Weinstein had objected. Later the same afternoon, a larger group of student protesters gathered in the library for several hours to air their grievances. Filmmaker Benjamin Boyce had dubbed this “the struggle session” in reference to the Chinese practice during Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

Next, Boyce looked back at some of the foundational ideas which animated the struggle session, including the idea adopted from Professor Robin DiAngelo that any disagreement with the new agenda is proof it’s necessary. We finally wrapped up the struggle session and moved on to a revealing discussion that happened shortly afterward where a student demanded Weinstein stop using “logic and reasons and white forms of knowledge.”

Having not had enough drama for one day, a group of protesters headed to the cafeteria where they tried to get a cook fired and demanded free meals for their trouble. Boyce then looked back at earlier Evergreen protests and showed how the concept of a “safe space” was foundational to them. Most recently we looked at how the state of Washington appears to be following in Evergreen’s footsteps at the behest of Gov. Jay Inslee.

And that brings us to episode 12 in which we are finally moving on to the next day. This episode opens with a phone call to then-Police Chief Stacy Brown offering her condolences for the behavior of students toward her the previous day. “They’re out of control and until the college is willing to do something about it instead of catering to their demands it’s just going to get worse and worse,” Brown predicted. And it turns out she was absolutely right.

At a rally that afternoon, students handed out flyers depicting Brown dressed in an R-rated Klan outfit. A female student who had been asking protesters to let Weinstein speak the previous day has been co-opted to read a list of demands but she struggles with some of the words.

Having read the list, the students then occupy an administrative building and chant about “racist teachers.” The students, led by Jamil, then begin ordering deans and administrators into George Bridges’ office so they can act immediately on the list of demands. “I need five white folk right now to…go down to the dean’s office and make sure any deans that are down there—drag their asses up here into George’s office. Good?” Jamil said.

Here’s episode 12:

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